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Before the 1990s, a remarkable feature of cryolite products in China was the low molar ratio, which was generally about 2(aluminum oxide sand). The crystal water content of cryolite increases with the decrease of molar ratio, especially when the molar ratio of cryolite is lower than 1.5(alumina grit). The comparison of the chemical composition and particle size distribution of the two different process products is shown in the table. 

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Generally, when cryolite containing crystal water is added to the electrolytic cell, aluminum fluoride will be hydrolyzed and HF gas will be released, which will increase the loss of chloride and pollute the environment(aluminum oxide sand). Cryolite with molar ratio of 1.5-2.9 can be produced according to user requirements(120 grit aluminum oxide). Due to the different fluorine, aluminum and sodium resources, there are many production methods of Artificial Cryolite. 

In the production of aluminum electrolysis, aluminum fluoride is mainly used as an adjusting agent for the molar ratio of electrolyte, which is the largest variety of fluoride(aluminum oxide sand). The currently implemented national standard for aluminum fluoride GB/T4292-1999 is shown in the table. There is a certain gap between performance and dry process products(180 grit aluminum oxide). There is no uniform industry quality standard for Fluoride products.

Sieve the worn sample under the same conditions, record the mass fraction of particle size greater than 0.43mm, and calculate the analysis results(100 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, the power supply of the electrolytic aluminum plant is one of the most important conditions for the construction of the aluminum plant. Practice has shown that aluminum electrolyzers use high molar ratio cryolite to obtain significant economic benefits(aluminum oxide sand).  

According to the different requirements of users, different production processes and operation controls can be adopted to produce products with different particle sizes such as fine grained materials, powdery materials, sandy materials and granular materials(aluminum oxide abrasive media). The commonly used density bottles are 5ml, 10ml and 20ml with capillary glass stopper(aluminum oxide sand). Its particle size is slightly larger than alumina and does not stick to hands.

How to obtain aluminum fluoride for aluminum electrolysis and what are the quality requirements for it(aluminum oxide sand)? Aluminum fluoride is a kind of white powder(fine grit aluminum oxide). At present, my country's sodium fluoride products implement the national standard GB/T4293-1984, and their chemical composition is shown in the table. There is no unified quality standard for cryolite in aluminum electrolysis in various countries(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). Lithium chloride.

Calculate the screening results, distribute the sample loss in the screening process to each particle size according to the weight, and express the particle size distribution by the mass fraction of the sample mass of each particle size in the total weight of the sample. Calcium chloride used in aluminum electrolysis is a natural mineral, commonly known as Dongshi(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). It is mainly used as an additive to improve electrolyte properties(aluminum oxide sand).

The current standard in China is GB / T 4291-2007(240 grit aluminum oxide). See the table for details(aluminum oxide sand). The dry aluminum fluoride production process is that 98% sulfuric acid is preheated and mixed with fuming sulfuric acid in the reactor to form feed acid, which is fed into the pre reactor with Dongshi according to a certain ratio(black silicon carbide). The two materials are mixed in the pre reactor and react: the reaction is finally completed in the reaction furnace at 350 ℃.

The wet production process is to react Dongshi with sulfuric acid in a heating reaction furnace to generate HF(150 grit aluminum oxide), obtain hydrazine after water absorption, and prepare aluminum fluoride saturated solution with pre prepared aluminum hydroxide slurry in the synthesis tank, then crystallize and filter to obtain aluminum fluoride trihydrate filter cake, and then dry and dehydrate to obtain aluminum fluoride finished product(aluminum oxide sand). 

Since the 1990s, China has started mass production and application of high molar ratio cryolite, and the range of molar ratio of cryolite is also extensive(aluminium oxide blast media). The wet aluminum fluoride process has defects such as high consumption, low automation control level, serious pollution, poor labor environment, and high labor intensity(aluminum oxide sand); the product quality is also relatively poor, and its impurity content, loose density and fluidity, etc. 

Sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride is a white powder that is easily soluble in water(green silicon carbide). It is mainly used to adjust the molar ratio at the beginning of the new tank. In addition to these two methods, there are methods such as the by-product aluminum chloride in the phosphoric acid industry, which will not be described in detail here(aluminum oxide for sale). Magnesium fluoride is an industrial synthetic product with many production methods(aluminum oxide sand).

At the same time, calcium fluoride adopts industry quality standards, and its chemical composition requirements are shown in the table. Magnesium chloride(corundum sand). What are the requirements for the quality of other fluorides required for aluminum electrolysis(aluminum oxide sand)? Except for sodium fluoride, there is currently no uniform quality standard for other aluminum fluoride salt products(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The order requires the organization of production.

It is a good modifier of aluminum electrolyte, its effect is similar to calcium chloride, but it is more obvious than calcium fluoride in reducing the initial crystal temperature of the electrolyte and improving the properties of the electrolyte(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). Generally, it does not melt when heated under atmospheric pressure, but sublimates at high temperature(aluminum oxide sand). Aluminum fluoride production process is divided into dry process and wet process. 

The enterprise product quality standards of Hunan Xianglu Aluminum Co., Ltd. are representative in China, as shown in the table(80 grit aluminum oxide). What are the energy requirements of aluminum electrolysis(glass bead blasting media suppliers)? In aluminum electrolysis production, the energy consumed is mainly direct current, which accounts for about 97% of the total energy consumption(aluminum oxide grit blasting). Since the introduction of dry technology, there has been a trend to replace wet technology(aluminum oxide sand). 

The power supply conditions and the implementation of the power supply method should be determined in a comprehensive manner according to the construction scale of the aluminum plant, the power load situation, the size of the capacity, and the power supply conditions of the local power system(aluminum oxide sand). Bauxite is also widely used in refractory industry and cement industry, followed by abrasive manufacturing and chemical industry(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). 

Enterprise power loads are classified into primary, secondary, and tertiary loads according to their importance and the loss or impact caused by interruption of power supply and the degree of harm(aluminum oxide sand). The quality of aluminum fluoride products in my country has been greatly improved since the introduction of dry production technology, and has basically reached the international advanced level(alumina abrasive). Calcium chloride.

The ideal particle shape is α- Al2O3 single crystal form, i.e. tetrahedral isometric crystal form, this kind of particle is sharp, not easy to peel off and has good grinding effect(garnet sand). There are three kinds of white corundum arcing(aluminum oxide sand): "paper tube method", "carbon rod method" and "charcoal method", and then send electricity for arcing. The measurement accuracy must be that the relative deviation of two parallel measurements is less than 5%.

White corundum is not easy to scratch the surface of abrasive tools after grinding, because white corundum particles are small and dense(aluminum oxide blasting grit). It will not cause discoloration of different material surfaces. During the smelting period, if the furnace conditions are well controlled, the melt will rise slowly and the entire material level will drop evenly(aluminium oxide sand). If the material is too much, the melting will be faster, and better results can be obtained(aluminum oxide sand). 

In recent years, with the continuous optimization and improvement of grinding materials, some new requirements and new topics have been put forward for abrasive tools(alumina sand). However, the heat loss is large and the smelting time is longer(aluminum oxide sand). Carbon is used as a reducing agent in smelting, and the reduction reaction is carried out with the participation of iron, so that the content of alumina reaches the standard of corundum abrasive

In order to reduce the inductive reactance and ensure the balance of the three-phase, the electric furnace transformer with larger capacity has six or more heads, and the short network arrangement adopts the same phase reciprocating staggered arrangement(steel grid). The characteristic of the soaking furnace method is that the material layer is thick, and the arc is completely covered by the material layer in most of the smelting time(aluminum oxide sand). 

When the electric furnace has a big reaction, you can add micropowder to reduce the temperature of the furnace liquid to slow down the reaction(70 grit aluminum oxide). If the feeding speed meets the calculated value, the thickness of the material layer meets the process regulations, the melting area is expanded to the furnace wall, the liquid level is stable, and the current swing is not large, indicating that the smelting operation is normal(aluminum oxide sand).

Nowadays, three-phase electric arc furnace is used to smelt corundum abrasives(aluminum oxide sand). The three electrodes are arranged along the three vertices of the equilateral triangle. Electric furnace transformer is the main electrical equipment of electric furnace(aluminium oxide blasting). Its function is to convert the high-voltage electricity delivered from the power plant into a low-voltage, high-current form to output electrical energy for use in power supply furnaces.

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