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Aluminum Oxide Sandblast Media Manufacturers China

The static vertical test is required after the friction vertical wheels are processed to avoid the rotation of the horizontal shaft system(brown fused alumina). Tremble. The technical performance of the friction brick press is one of the important evaluation parameters when choosing a friction brick press. Suppress institutions(synthetic corundum). The mold is set on the worktable, and the height of the bottom mold is adjusted to change the thickness of the brick blank.

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The flywheel is fixed to the upper end of the spiral main shaft with a tangential key, and the spiral main shaft is fitted in the main nut in the center of the beam(brown aluminum oxide). Slider and punch. The slider is connected with the lower end of the spiral main shaft, and is sleeved on the guide rail of the frame, which can perform linear reciprocating motion along the guide rail(emery abrasive). The floating worktable supporting the mold sleeve is controlled by two symmetrically arranged oil cylinders to control its displacement.

Two friction vertical wheels are fixed on the horizontal shaft(brown aluminium oxide). The mainframe structure is divided into two types: upper pressure type and lower pressure type according to the pressure application method. The lower end of the slider is connected with the punch, and the brick can be completed when the punch moves up and down with the slider(garnet abrasive). Brick out. The device for pushing out the in-mold brick blank is composed of connecting rod, bracket, top brick rod and so on.

Therefore, in the production of refractory products, except for some products, plastic molding is rarely used(silicon carbide abrasive). The upper pressure type main oil cylinder is installed on the upper crossbeam, the plunger is connected with the main slider, the upper die head is fixed on the main slider, the hydraulic pressure of the piston surface of the main oil cylinder is pressed downward, and the bottom die head is fixed on the main machine base table(garnet suppliers), The mud is pressed tightly in the rigid mold sleeve.

When the pressure is applied, the hydraulic transmission is automatically controlled to make the floating table lowering speed equal to half of the main piston pressure speed(green silicon carbide). Applying pressure to the upper and lower sides of the mud at the same relative speed can make the bricks have a uniform upper and lower density(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The crankshaft is driven by a motor drive and a series of gears to realize various actions of brick pressing.

The main cylinder surface of the lower pressure type main engine is fixed on the machine base, the plunger is connected with the main slider, and the lower die head is supported on the main slider(black silicon carbide). The upper die head is fixed on the upper crossbeam and is on the floating table of the mold sleeve. The plastic forming method refers to a method of making a green body from plastic mud with a water content of more than 16%(steel grid). The friction vertical wheels are generally made of cast steel.

The hydraulic brick press uses hydraulic oil as the transmission medium, and the main oil cylinder is generally directly driven by an approximately constant power variable column pump(aluminum oxide abrasive). Symmetrically configure a pair of driving oil chaos, control the distance and relative movement speed between the floating table and the main slider(aluminium oxide sandblasting), and complete the action of the floating table when pressing the brick and finally take off the brick mold.

The no-load adopts gravity filling or low-pressure filling circuit(aluminum oxide grit). The pressure and speed when closing the mold are approximately linear. Changes, the pressure application speed decreases with increasing pressure, adapt to the process of brick-pressing process and exhaust requirements. The material leveler and discharge valve in the working hopper discharge the coarse and quantitative mud into the feed box(80 grit aluminum oxide). The horizontal shaft can rotate and axially move in the bearing.

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