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Dynamic stability refers to the possibility of fibers or debris on the filter media falling into the filtrate(aluminum oxide abrasive). This fall can sometimes have serious consequences(such as Switzerland). For example, ultrapure water used in the electronic industry must avoid such problems(steel grid). The filter media (such as polytetrafluoroethylene) which is difficult to be wetted will hinder the filtration. Ink or other liquid soaked in paper is an example of absorption.

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The filter medium can not be wetted by water, so high pressure should be applied when filtering water(black silicon carbide). At present, foreign countries have developed filter cloth without fiber shedding. Absorption is the process in which a substance combines with other substances to form a homogeneous mixture(garnet suppliers). In addition, the soluble gas is absorbed into the liquid to become a solution, which is also the embodiment of absorption.

(aluminum oxide sandblast media producers canada)After absorbing liquid, cellulose paper or cotton cloth will cause the expansion of the fiber(green silicon carbide), resulting in the reduction of the gap between the fibers, resulting in the change of the filtration characteristics of the filter media. Absorption can occur both on the surface and inside of the medium(emery abrasive). Adsorption occurs only on the surface of solid, and a high concentration of special components is formed at the adsorption site.

But ethanol is easy to wet polytetrafluoroethylene, so only a low pressure is needed to filter ethanol(silicon carbide abrasive). However, the adsorption of activated carbon belongs to deep adsorption, which is caused by its capillary structure and large internal surface area(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The adsorption of molecules or ions on the fiber surface will affect the filtration characteristics of the medium, such as blocking the pores of the medium, not the gas itself.

The adsorption mechanism depends on the mutual attraction between molecules(such as van der Waals force)(brown aluminium oxide). To sum up, the danger of electrostatic discharge in bag dust removal is that the solid particles carry static electricity. According to the engineering analysis(synthetic corundum), the cost refers to the cost of the filter and its operation cost (including the cost of medium replacement). Synthetic fibers are generally unaffected by biology.(aluminum oxide sandblast media producers canada)

Health and safety issues should also be noted when filtering(brown aluminum oxide). For example, electrostatic discharge is a potential hazard in dust filtration. The same problem exists in organic liquid filtration. Electrostatic property is also one of the application characteristics of filter media. There is a danger of electrostatic discharge in the bag filter, but it is rarely seen when filtering water and aqueous solution(garnet abrasive). The reason is that they have high conductivity.

(aluminum oxide sandblast media producers canada)When filtering organic solvents or hydrocarbons, due to their very low conductivity, the potential danger of electrostatic discharge is great(brown fused alumina). In addition, the low flash point of these substances makes combustion discharge possible. The important difference between gas filtration and liquid filtration is that clean gas cannot carry static electricity when passing through medium(aluminum oxide grit), while clean liquid can carry static electricity when flowing through medium.

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