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Aluminum Oxide Sandblast Media Suppliers Portugal

The rheology, viscosity, dryness and printing performance of the ink mainly depend on the binder, so it is the "key material" of the ink(white fused alumina). The binder includes oil, solvent, wax and various resins, and the most widely used is polyamide resin. Additives are also called additives(brown aluminum oxide 30 grit). It refers to some materials added around the manufacture of oil and the use of printing to improve the performance of the ink itself.

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Regarding the gravure ink used on PVC heat shrinkable sleeves, most of them currently use polyamide gravure ink, which is based on polyamide resin(aluminium oxide blasting). Defective products, such as short-circuited products and bombed products, should be eliminated immediately to avoid affecting other products(brown fused alumina manufacturer). The printing cylinder made of corrosion and the printing of PVC heat-shrinkable sleeve are printed by gravure.

(aluminum oxide sandblast media suppliers portugal)The gravure cylinder is plated with a copper shell on the surface of a hollow body (which plays a supporting role) as a plate-making material(silicon carbide 180 grit). If the back version is made by engraving, it is called a barrier engraved intaglio, if it is made by photoetching technology, it is called a photogravure(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Filler is a white, transparent, translucent or opaque powdery substance, and it is also a solid component in the ink.

Gravure printing is basically in the form of round pressing(white aluminum oxide), so the print is in the shape of a grape, called a printing cylinder. During printing, the gravure cylinder is rolled in the ink tank, and the entire print is coated with a thicker ink, and then the white steel scraper scrapes the ink off the surface of the gravure cylinder, and at the same time, the concave part is filled with ink(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The deeper the degree, the thicker the ink layer.(aluminum oxide sandblast media suppliers portugal)

Appropriate use of some fillers can not only reduce the amount of material used(chrome corundum), reduce costs, but also adjust the properties of the ink, such as thinness and fluidity, and also improve the flexibility of formula design. The basic structure of the printer is relatively simple(brown fused alumina mesh size F30). In the gravure roller soaked in the ink tank, the protruding part is the non-drawing part, ketones, and the recessed part is the inking part.

(aluminum oxide sandblast media suppliers portugal)This resin is widely used because of its good gloss, strong flexibility, excellent adhesion, good oil resistance and water resistance(white aluminum oxide abrasive). Under the pressure of the embossing (glue) roller, the ink in the recessed part is transferred to the surface of the plastic sleeve, and the ink layer can reach 10um. It can be printed and dried on the printed body(brown fused aluminium oxide). It is a filling function, which is the part of the filling pigment in the ink.

The thinner dries slowly, the reproducibility of the plate is good, but it is easy to cause the printed sleeves to stick to each other(white corundum). For example, desiccants include linolenic acid and resin acids, diluents include solvents such as benzene, esters, and alcohols, hope enhancers include castor oil, chlorinated paraffin, etc.(white fused aluminum oxide factory), and stabilizers such as amino compounds and epoxy resins. Polyurethane resin, alkyd resin, etc.(aluminum oxide sandblast media suppliers portugal)

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