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Aluminum Oxide Sandblast Media Wholesale Suppliers Taiwan

Ruby for industrial use and some colored gemstones for decoration are made of different colored metal ions in corundum(glass bead blasting media suppliers). There are some requirements for the compound colorant, which is composed of colored full film ions(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). In general, the content of all kinds of colorant chemical reagents of analytical purity can reach more than 98%, while the impurity content is about 0.5%.

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After decomposition, other components of the colorant are discharged as volatile gas, leaving the required coloring metal ions in the alumina powder(aluminum oxide grit). Because of the above requirements, when people choose colorants, they usually use the metal ions to reduce their sulfuric acid and acid salt(garnet abrasive). Such as double acid feed, ammonium ferric sulfate, ammonium fanyin acid, manganese sulfate, nickel sulfate, iron metasail acid and so on.(aluminum oxide sandblast media wholesale suppliers taiwan)

In addition, other colorants can be used(brown fused alumina). After the aluminum oxide powder is melted and burned, they are evenly distributed in the aluminum oxide This method is simple and effective. The amount of storage in the crystal has a great change(garnet suppliers). The following is a brief introduction to the definition of the weight percentage concentration and g / L concentration commonly used in industry and the preparation method of the solution. 

(aluminum oxide sandblast media wholesale suppliers taiwan)Therefore, in the production(brown aluminum oxide), the coloring elements needed for corundum product are all prepared into a certain concentration of solution in the form of its compounds, and added into the aluminum sulfate. When the aluminum ammonium sulfate dehydrates, with the aluminum ammonium sulfate dissolves in its own product water(steel grid), the compounds of these coloring elements are fully mixed with the aluminum ammonium sulfate.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare a certain concentration of coloring elements(brown aluminium oxide). A solution is made by dissolving a solute in a solvent. Here, the solute is a compound of coloring elements (i.e. metal salt), and the solvent is pure water. There are many ways to express the concentration of solution(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit), such as weight percentage concentration, molecular concentration, weight concentration, g / L concentration and so on.

Generally, there are two steps(silicon carbide price): calculate the solute and solvent weight of nuoying according to the percentage concentration to be prepared and the weight of dissolving roll. Chongjing (in the above example, weigh 35g of chongwusuan ammonium and 1965 g of steam house water), select a proper beaker, and put the solute and solvent into the beaker to make it dissolve(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). First of all, the purity of colorant is required to be high.(aluminum oxide sandblast media wholesale suppliers taiwan)

The weight percent concentration refers to the concentration of the solution in proportion to the weight of the solution, which is called the weight percent concentration(aluminum oxide abrasive). For example, in a 100 g solution, 15 g of solute is contained, and the percentage concentration of this solution is 15%(white aluminum oxide sand). Calculation example of preparation of g / L concentrated solution preparation of 500 ml dichromate solution with concentration of 210 g / L.

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