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Only the last corrosion A3 can be calculated by the simple method shown in the above example(white fused alumina). Although the method described in example 5 is to calculate the corrosion size of each step according to the size of the side corrosion rate, it is difficult to use the side corrosion rate alone. Because the tolerance of each step is accumulated gradually, the target of each step must be the median of its tolerance(aluminum oxide abrasive). Example 5 is only an example of a three step corrosion case.

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For the first two steps Al and A2, the corrosion width under the layer can be calculated(white aluminum oxide). In this paper, the side erosion rate given in example 5 can be discarded first. In practical production, the cavitation coefficient is close to 1 in most cases, so it is much simpler to calculate with Pythagorean theorem. The results calculated by Pythagorean theorem are multiplied by the corrosion rate F, and the exact corrosion width under the layer can be calculated(aluminum oxide grit). In most cases, the error caused by this method is less than 5%.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit manufacturers usa)In multi-step corrosion machining, machining tolerance is a very important problem(white corundum). The calculation steps of this method are as follows: the key to ensure the multi-step corrosion tolerance is to accurately measure the etching speed and side corrosion rate of the corroded material in a certain corrosion solution. It is not advisable to estimate these parameters only based on the data introduced by the existing data(synthetic corundum). As long as it is properly controlled, the size deviation will not be much problem.

Each etching process will lead to a nominal dimension deviation between the two steps, which will be reserved for the subsequent corrosion processing(silicon carbide abrasive). When the product is finally finished, the problem of deviation accumulation may occur(aluminium oxide polishing powder). In the later process, it is difficult to ensure the deviation within the design range in the production if we do not take the method of coating anti-corrosion coating and local selective corrosion processing to correct these deviations.(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit manufacturers usa)

Each time, the corrosion is aimed at one step, and the cumulative deviation caused by this is very small(green silicon carbide). However, since the corrosion starts from the deepest step required, there are problems of deviation and accumulation in the first and second corrosion steps in the whole corrosion process. In the process of corrosion, it is necessary to measure the corrosion depth and horizontal deviation for many times(emery abrasive), so as to make adjustment or remedial measures.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit manufacturers usa)Therefore, if the taper corrosion is carried out on the round bar, the method is basically the same as above(black silicon carbide). The times of hanging should be related to the depth of corrosion according to the etching speed. Among them, the relationship between the times and the depth of corrosion is the most close. The deeper the corrosion depth is, the more times the corresponding lifting is(black synthetic corundum). It is the most reliable to conduct experiments by yourself and obtain the first-hand data.

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