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Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Grit Producers Germany

Therefore, the solution of carbon is not a replacement solution, but a interstitial solution(white fused alumina). Therefore, it can be enriched in the compressive stress zone around the dislocation and form a Coriolis air mass. The interaction between carbon atoms and dislocations hinders the movement of dislocations It shows that the strength increases(brown fused alumina suppliers), the plasticity and toughness decrease.

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In the production process of high manganese steel castings(white aluminum oxide), carbon as a solute atom is dissolved in austenite, and the atomic radius of carbon is smaller than that of iron and manganese. Generally, low carbon content should be selected for thick wall and complex structure castings, w (c) should be controlled between 0.9% and 1.1%(synthetic corundum). The wall thickness and structural complexity of castings should also be considered.(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit producers germany)

With the increase of carbon content, some carbides are not dissolved after solution treatment, which are dispersed in austenite(brown aluminium oxide). The reason is that when w (c) is increased to more than 1.3%, continuous network carbides appear in the as cast structure, which results in the boundary being surrounded by brittle phase(white fused aluminum oxide), which greatly weakens the strength between grains and reduces the toughness and plasticity of the steel.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit producers germany)For high manganese steel castings working under strong impact load(silicon carbide abrasive), w (c) is usually required to be controlled within 1.25% and 0.9% - 1.5% under some working conditions. With proper reduction of carbon content, a single austenite structure can be obtained after circular solution treatment, small excavator bucket teeth and ball mill lining plate(emery abrasive); so that the steel has good plasticity and toughness and is easy to work hardening.

For high manganese steel with low carbon content, the w (c) is controlled between 0.9% and 1.2%(green silicon carbide), which is suitable for the working conditions of large impact, high stress and hard materials, such as wear parts of crusher and railway turnout. It is necessary to increase the temperature of water toughening treatment and prolong the holding time(high purity fused aluminum oxide), so that the carbides can be fully dissolved and uniformly dissolved.

Generally, high carbon content high manganese steel is suitable for medium and small impact, high stress and soft material conditions(black silicon carbide), such as track shoes, the cooling speed of heavy driving casting is slow, in order to prevent large amount of carbide precipitation, carbon content should be reduced(brown fused alumina factory): thin wall casting has fast cooling speed, carbonization is not easy to be analyzed, and alkali content can be higher.(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit producers germany)

When the carbon content of high manganese steel is high, the casting flowability is better, but the heat treatment process is required to be higher(aluminum oxide abrasive). The carbon content should also be reduced for the castings with complex structure and easy to crack. Manganese can expand the Y phase region in steel and is the main element to stabilize austenite(wholesale brown fused alumina). The existence of high hard carbide point increases the wear resistance.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit producers germany)Both manganese and carbon can improve the stability of austenite, promote the steel to obtain austenite structure and improve the toughness of steel(aluminum oxide grit). With the increase of manganese content, the microstructure of steel is composed of pearlite martensite austenite(black silicon carbide suppliers). Most of manganese in steel is dissolved in austenite to form replacement solid solution, and a small amount of (Fe, Mn) C-type carbides are formed.

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