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Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Grit Suppliers China

If the commonly used board making materials have large absorption peaks in the ultraviolet region(emery abrasive), the size of the net tension should be determined according to the requirements of the same material of yarn, the number of mesh lines and the precision of printed graphics and texts(white fused alumina micro powder). With the change of the net distance DP, the screen makes the development length also change, and its cost is high.

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Due to the increase of the resistance caused by the friction between the P point and the screen plate, the screen plate in the PC direction tends to shrink(brown fused alumina). When making plate with yellow screen, because the diffuse reflection of yellow feed line is small, and even if there is diffuse reflection light, it is also inactive light, which will not affect the sensitive materials(garnet abrasive). Back to point P, the tension of AP decreases.(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit suppliers china)

Due to the thickness of the screen changes in some parts of the aperture error, resulting in local ink through the block(silicon carbide abrasive). It is suitable for high-precision graphic printing. However, this kind of screen material is lack of elasticity, easy to be damaged by external magnetic impact(garnet suppliers). Polyester mesh after washing, its flexibility basically unchanged, so the use of polyester mesh stretching mesh can be directly dry.

In actual printing operations, the stretching of 1000 mm screen plate is usually imm-3 mm, which is far more than the calculated value(green silicon carbide). And this extra part is the screen tension stretching value. The printing pressure becomes the pressure at the tip of the board(glass bead blasting media suppliers). When the scraper scrapes, the friction resistance of the cattle is dragged along the scraping direction of the scraper, the ink will slide on the layout.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit suppliers china)If the hole net tension is small and the vice plate pressure is high(black silicon carbide), the AP will continue to increase the extension length, and the tension of AP will increase, but when reaching a certain critical point. When printing plate making, if the screen length is 400mm, the effective plate length is about 250mm, and the actual stretching length is about 0.075mm(steel grid). The above calculated data are only theoretical values.

Therefore, as long as the screen plate maintains enough tension, the layout will not produce unnecessary stretching(aluminum oxide abrasive). If the length of the screen is AC = 1000mm and the net distance is DP = 10mm, then AP + PC = 1000.2mm. This requires that the mesh frame has a certain strength and rigidity, so that it will not deform when it bears a large force(aluminum oxide polish). The screen plate made of yellow screen has high precision and straight edge.(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit suppliers china)

The conditions are: the pressure of the printing pair of the scraper must be kept at the minimum required(aluminum oxide grit), and the printing pressure should be applied according to the hardness of the scraper adhesive strip, ink consistency, viscosity, etc.; at the same time, the state of the substrate surface and the moving speed of the scraper should also be considered(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media); The tension should exceed the critical point of sliding.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit suppliers china)Therefore, when the screen length is 400mm, the extension is 0.12mm. 0.0 mm(synthetic corundum). As an ideal condition of the mesh frame, it should meet the following requirements: it should have the strength of stability and no deformation when bearing tension (5kg ~ 7kg); when stretching the mesh(silicon carbide grinding), only by adjusting the forces around and in the middle of the frame, can the uniform tension of the screen surface be ensured.

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