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Therefore, to study this subject, Cutlerl et al. Studied the solid solubility of titanium oxide in alumina(aluminum oxide blasting), and the results showed that: when sintering in an oxidizing atmosphere, titanium oxide exists in two forms: Ti2O3 and TiO2; when sintering in a reducing atmosphere, oxidation Titanium exists in the form of Ti2O3(180 grit aluminum oxide). When TiO2 is dissolved in alumina, the lattice constant of alumina does not change significantly. Its solid solubility is 0.25-0.3mol% at 1300 ℃.

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It should be pointed out that when TiO2 is added in combination with some additives, it can form a liquid phase to promote sintering, and the viscosity of the glass phase is very small(glass bead blasting media suppliers). A relatively small amount of liquid phase can be spread in the alumina matrix as much as possible to promote the diffusion of grain boundaries(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Compared with other oxides, he believes that the liquid phase is a necessary condition for the function of TiO2.

Only when the liquid phase exists and the liquid phase composition is appropriate, can aluminum oxide generate flaky crystals(white aluminum oxide). Although the addition of ZrO2 will increase the firing temperature, it can greatly inhibit the growth of grains. Mn, Nb, Ge, Cr2O3 significantly promote Al2O3 grain growth(100 grit aluminum oxide media). The high-temperature volatility of these oxides is weak, will not cause unevenness of corundum abrasives, and can be dissolved in Al2O3 to promote sintering.

Since the Z radius is greater than AlP * (Zr * is 0.72A, AlP + is 0.54A), ZrO2 will react with Al2O3 to form a second phase or It accumulates in the grain boundary in the form of impurities(steel grid), plays a pinning role, hinders the migration of the grain boundary, and achieves the purpose of eliminating pores. Wakail found that the grain size of corundum ceramic with 0.1% ZrO2 introduced was relatively small, ranging from 0.5 to lum(aluminum oxide abrasive media). As a result, the density is reduced and the performance is deteriorated. 

MnO2, Fe2O3, TiO2 promote the formation of plate-shaped or anisotropic Al2O3 crystals(white corundum). The addition of Co3O4 and NiO2 can effectively suppress the growth of grains, obtain fine-grained ceramics and improve wear resistance, so they are very promising additives(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Ajayl "pointed out that the accumulation of rare earth metal oxides such as Y2O3 at the alumina grain boundary can improve the wear resistance of corundum abrasives.

Moreover, rare earth elements can be compounded with other types of additives after being introduced(garnet abrasive), which effectively reduces the firing temperature, but does not have the obvious effect of refining grains. Guo Ruisong and others pointed out that rare earth elements can effectively reduce the growth of corundum crystals because they can reduce the firing temperature(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). At this time, the corundum material has the best wear resistance. 

It is an effective additive(garnet suppliers). The alumina grains doped with Y2O3 alone are coarse, and the pores in the alumina ceramic structure are mostly concentrated on the grain center and grain boundaries. Therefore, it is mostly added in combination with other metal oxides, and it is especially suitable for adding partially stabilized ZrO2 as a composite additive to alumina ceramics(46 grit aluminum oxide). When the amount of MnO2 added is 0.3%, the sintering rate reaches the maximum.

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