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Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Media Suppliers Russia

Boron glass is a kind of glass-like solid, aluminum oxide abrasive media which is made by mixing 39% ~ 41% potassium feldspar with 59% ~ 61% borax powder and melting in a furnace at 900 ~ 1000 ℃ and flowing into a cooling pool. Some binder materials are added as needed, such as silicon carbide abrasive for fluorite, which can prevent the abrasives from reddening and improve the strength when a small amount is used.

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The modulus is small, that is to say, the aluminum oxide 40 grit content of Nao in the water glass is relatively high, which increases the content of sodium in the binder and reduces the fire resistance of the binder. High speed grinding wheel for spodumene can provide lithium, etc. Another technical condition of water glass is density. Water glass (100 grit aluminum oxide blast media or liquid glass, commonly known as effervescence alkali) is an alkali metal silicate.(aluminum oxide sandblasting media suppliers russia)

In order to make the 60 grit aluminum oxide molding material have the necessary molding performance, some substances with bonding performance should be used in the abrasive tools, which are called bonding wetting agent (hereinafter referred to as wetting agent). The wetting agent can make the preform and the dried preform have certain strength, 220 grit aluminum oxide which is convenient for handling. There are two kinds of wetting agents: organic and inorganic.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting media suppliers russia)Organic wetting agents (such as dextrin) can only temporarily bind. It will be burnt out in the process of green body culture, brown aluminium oxide which has no great influence on the properties of binder. As a wetting agent, sodium salt, is a mixture of silica and sodium oxide. There are two ways to make water glass, dry and wet. The 150 grit aluminum oxide molding materials dry fast, which makes the body easy to drop sand, edge, crack and layer.

The white alumina powder composition of water glass is different. Inorganic wetting agent (such as water glass) can not only play the role of bonding, but also have an impact on the performance of the bond. Commonly used wetting agents are water glass, paste semen (powder), 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media pulp waste liquid. In addition, a small amount of dilute phenolic resin solution, leather glue and polyvinyl alcohol solution are also used.(aluminum oxide sandblasting media suppliers russia)

Dry method is generally used in brown aluminum oxide industry. That is to say, quartz fine powder (quartz sand, diatomite) and alkali metal carbonate (soda) are fused and burned to the melting state. The 80 grit aluminum oxide melting raw material is carried out in a fire-resistant crucible or a tank furnace at 1200-1300 ℃, then cooled into massive solid sodium silicate, ground, pressurized and heated to dissolve it in water, so as to obtain molasses like liquid water glass.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting media suppliers russia)Generally, the Nao of a molecule has three SiO2 molecules, that is, Na2O · 3Si, but there is also Na2O · SiO2. This alumina abrasive property of water glass can be expressed by modulus M. The modulus value of water glass used as wetting agent should be between 2.45 and 2.95. The fine grit aluminum oxide modulus of water glass is too large, that is, the amount of SiO2 is too much. In this way, namely liquid sodium silicate, the viscosity of water glass is large.

The high temperature thermal expansion coefficient and fluidity of the binder should be increased, brown fused alumina which is easy to make the abrasives foaming and high hardness. Therefore, when the modulus of water glass is less than 2.45, it is not used for abrasive tools with above hardness in manufacturing. The water glass with high density has high concentration and viscosity, 180 grit aluminum oxide which can improve the mechanical strength of wool damage.

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