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Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Media Thailand

Smelting wrong corundum is divided into three methods according to the aluminium oxide 36 grit raw materials used: the first is to remove impurities by using high alumina bauxite clinker and cinnabar sand and reducing agent; the second is to use industrial alumina and industrial zirconia to produce white corundum as raw materials. The third is to use industrial alumina powder and cinnabarite concentrate as raw materials for the production of white corundum.

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Zhengzhou University strengthened the research on alumina-based fused zirconium corundum, using high-alumina bauxite and aragonite as the base material, and carbon particles as the reducing agent. After oxidizing and refining for 1 hour, cool it down to prepare alumina-based electric fusion. Zirconium corundum material. In industrial high purity fused aluminum oxide production, the amount of calcined industrial alumina is relatively large.(aluminum oxide sandblasting media thailand)

Firstly, the high alumina bauxite clinker and coal are compounded according to a mass ratio of 100: 9, and then white fused alumina reduced and melted into Al2O3 at a voltage of 120V in a three-phase electric arc furnace. Then, haoyingite (zircon: high aluminum) Bauxite = 46: 100) and carbon particles (twisted stone: carbon particles = 100: 14). Finally, control the electrode to make it slightly off the liquid surface. The aluminum oxide for sand blaster calcination temperature must be appropriate.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting media thailand)The process of smelting corundum is similar to that of smelting white aluminum oxide, but it contains more SiO2, the viscosity of the furnace liquid increases, and the operation is more difficult. Single crystal corundum usually contains more than 98.5% Al2O3, which is higher than brown corundum and equivalent to white corundum. Secondly, it has high hardness and high compressive strength, usually about 11% higher than that of aluminium oxide sandblasting.

The effect of compound mineralizer is better. The production of monocrystalline aluminum oxide sandblasting media produces waste gas and waste water and pollutes the environment. Granular corundum constitutes a skeleton structure, and monoclinic oxidation faults are columnar interspersed and filled in the voids of the pink aluminium oxide skeleton structure. The temperature is too low, the a-Al2O3 conversion is not complete, and the temperature is too high to bring disadvantages.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting media thailand)The cooling method is characterized in that after the steel grid melt solidifies rapidly, the cooling rate is slowed down. The second method is to add 10% to 40% of industrial oxidation faults to the ingredients on the basis of fused white corundum. After melting, it is a yellow-white or light yellow faulty corundum frit. The microstructure of bauxite-based and alumina-based electric fused black synthetic corundum is basically the same.

For example, 0.6% of composite mineralizer (HBO3 + NHCl) is added to the above black aluminum oxide blast media hydroxide, and after calcination at 1550 ° C, the Na20 + K2O content of the product is 0.0235%, a-Al203, 96% white product. Adjusting the ratio of the two mineralizers can control the grain size of the product, and can produce a-Al2O3 products with high conversion rate, high true density, low alkali, qualified color, black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit and good abrasiveness.

Industrial alumina is generally added to the black alumina sand mixer, and 0.3% methyl cellulose (CMC) aqueous solution is added at the same time. After mixing, it is pressed into a green body by a brick press, and then calcined. There are also raw materials and sludge masses with water. After drying, they are calcined in a box-shaped container made of a box or silica brick. The calcination temperature is generally 1200 ~ 1500 ° C and the corundum sand heat preservation is 4 ~ 5h.(aluminum oxide sandblasting media thailand)

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