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Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Media Wholesale Brazil

brown aluminium oxide (A) has better adhesion to raw rubber than white alumina powder (WA); fine-grained abrasive and raw rubber have better adhesion than coarse-grained abrasive. The rubber used in the production of rubber abrasives includes natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, solid nitrile rubber, liquid nitrile rubber, etc. 

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When the amount of fused aluminum oxide contained in the raw rubber is large, the properties of the rubber are brittle, easy to break and fragment, and it is difficult to form the tablet, but the size of the extruded abrasive body is stable and the vulcanization deformation is small. When the content of the alumina abrasive is small, the size of the extruded body expands greatly, and the crushability of the rubber is poor. It is made by polymerizing butadiene and styrene together.(aluminum oxide sandblasting media wholesale brazil)

For soft elastic polishing wheels, ultra-thin wheels, and other special-purpose rubber abrasives, the surface of the aluminium oxide blasting grit needs to be coated with a layer of phenolic resin film to prepare coated abrasives (commonly known as resin sands), and then mixed into the mixture to improve. The bonding strength of the abrasive and the binder improves the polishing performance of the aluminum oxide abrasive media. SBR is the most widely used rubber type in synthetic rubber.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting media wholesale brazil)The phenolic resin coated is a polar organic substance, which easily produces a good physical adsorption force with the polar surface of the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive and can be firmly solidified after being cured by heat. Hold the abrasive grains. The phenolic resin film layer on the surface of the abrasive grains is combined with the vulcanized rubber and firmly connected. Rubber is the aluminum oxide 40 grit main raw material for the production of rubber abrasive tools.

When the rubber is vulcanized by heat, the phenolic resin and rubber can also cross-link with the rubber molecules to form a network vulcanized rubber structure. In production, coated abrasives are used for coarse-grained soft elastic rubber abrasives and artificial corundum fine-grained or rigid hard vulcanized rubber abrasives to improve the wear resistance and aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive grinding effect of rubber abrasives. Styrene butadiene rubber has better heat resistance, aging resistance and higher abrasion resistance.

(aluminum oxide sandblasting media wholesale brazil)By mass, rubber accounts for 10% to 15% of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit tools. Rubber is a polymer compound, divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and the unvulcanized rubber is called raw rubber. According to the raw rubber form, it is divided into solid gum (powder, flake, granular) and liquid gum and latex. Rubber has high elasticity, high plasticity, black aluminum oxide media can be vulcanized and degraded, and aging will occur during long-term storage at room temperature.

Natural rubber is mainly derived from Hevea brasiliensis. The density of natural rubber is 0.9 ~ 0.95g / cm3, and there is no fixed brown fused alumina melting point. Decompose when heated to 50 ℃, decompose sharply at 270 ℃, and fully carbonize above 300 ℃. Natural rubber is mainly used to manufacture centerless grinding guide wheels, flexible polishing wheels, and other products. It can also be used with synthetic rubber to make alumina grit tools with special requirements.

The raw rubber material containing brown aluminum oxide has a better performance in covering the abrasive rolls than SiC abrasives.According to the monomer ratio, it can be divided into styrene-butadiene-10, styrene-butadiene-30, styrene-butadiene-50 (the number is the styrene content). The processing technology is not as good as natural rubber, synthetic corundum price and the vulcanization speed is also slow. SBR is mainly used to make hard rubber abrasives.(aluminum oxide sandblasting media wholesale brazil)

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