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Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Wholesale Suppliers Israel

The planetary forced mixer is composed of frame, grinding disc, transmission device, planetary gear box, planetary shovel, suspension wheel, side scraper, discharge door and fan-shaped discharge door(white fused alumina). The rack is made of welded channel steel and steel plate(garnet abrasive). The centrifugal acceleration of the material is greater than the acceleration of gravity, so that the material can be smoothly thrown out of the planetary shovel, enhancing the mixing effect.

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The motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the pulley and the reducer(silicon carbide abrasive). The rotation of the planetary gear is fixed on the upper end of the center sleeve by the central gear. Due to the rotation of the main shaft, the two sets of gears in the box are driven around the central gear , It drives the Ken wheel shaft in a clockwise direction, driving the two sets of planetary shovel in a clockwise direction(garnet suppliers). The box body is connected with the shaft through the key.

Planetary gearbox. transmission(green silicon carbide). Due to the transmission of the gear box, the bracket drives the suspended roller to move. The rotation of the roller is generated by the friction of the material. The height of the roller and the bottom plate of the roller is adjusted. The transmission motor, reducer, mixing plate and electric control box are all installed on the frame(steel grid). Chassis transmission device is also called the main transmission device.

The bracket body is installed on both sides of the planetary gear box(black silicon carbide). The side scraper is close to the inner lining of the shell, so that the mixed materials will not cause a dead angle. The discharge door is installed at a valve at the discharge port at the bottom of the shell, and the mixed material is discharged from the discharge port(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The box body welded by steel plate is equipped with two sets of gears. 

The fan-shaped discharge door is installed on the side of the mixing plate. It is mainly used for sampling or unloading(aluminum oxide abrasive). It has a simple structure, low power consumption, and uniform mixing. It is suitable for fine particles (or powder) and various materials with small density differences Dry mix(brown aluminum oxide sand). The side scraper is composed of bracket, Zuli spring, sub-plate and so on. It is composed of cone tank, drive device, slip ring box and support stand.

The spur gear is driven by the motor triangle belt and the worm gear reducer to rotate the disk, and the rotation speed is about 6r / min(aluminum oxide grit). The speed of the motor is controlled by the frequency converter, which can realize the stepless speed regulation of high speed and medium speed according to the requirements of the mixing process(aluminium oxide material for blasting). The tail shovel is composed of a corner frame, a spring tube, a scraper and the like.

The supporting wheel device is composed of 4 sets of horizontal blocking wheels and tapered supporting wheels(synthetic corundum). By adjusting the position of the cone wheel or the stop wheel, the horizontal position and center positioning of the chassis can be adjusted correctly(white aluminium oxide grit). The discharge door is installed in the center of the chassis, and the opening and closing are controlled by the oil cylinder, and the material can be completely discharged by means of the scraper.

The semi-dry method is suitable for billets with different clinker content (50% ~ 100%); the plastic method is suitable for manufacturing large-scale or complex-shaped products(emery abrasive); the grouting method is suitable for producing various thin-walled refractory products. The general refractory products are mostly formed by semi-dry method(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). Semi-dry forming due to the low moisture content of the blank, it can be pressed with various types of brick presses.

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