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Artificial Corundum Manufacturers In China

In fact, sub silicon carbide abrasive, bauxite corundum or high alumina corundum is a kind of dense fused alumina based on bauxite. It is produced by electrofusion of special grade or first grade bauxite in reducing atmosphere and controlled conditions. Reducing agent (carbon), settling agent (iron filings) and decarbonizing agent (iron scale) are added during white fused aluminium oxide melting.

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In the green silicon carbide smelting process, the excessive deoxidizer is used to reduce the TiO2 in the early stage, and the decarburizer or blowing oxygen is added to remove the excessive carbon in the later stage, so as to obtain the sub white fused corundum. Its physicochemical index is similar to that of dense 80 grit aluminum oxide fused corundum, and its color is also similar.(artificial corundum manufacturers in china)

Generally, the content of A1203 is more than 98%, and the apparent porosity is less than 4%; the crystal of white aluminum oxide is generally granular, with a size of 1-15mm; the main impurity minerals are calcium hexaaluminate (CA6), rutile, aluminum qinate and their solid solutions. However, there are higher Qinhua in the mineral composition, and the coefficient of linear expansion is higher than that of dense fine grit aluminum oxide fused corundum.

(artificial corundum manufacturers in china)At present, it is mainly used to replace dense black silicon carbide in amorphous refractories and a1203-sic-c bricks. The amount of substitution can reach 25% - 50%. C content shall be controlled during application, generally no more than 0.14%. When used in shaped refractories, the content of ferromagnetic materials should be controlled to avoid black spots on the brick surface. Sub white corundum is a kind of refractory material with great development prospect.

β - corundum is made of industrial white fused alumina. When it is melted, Na2O is introduced. Na20 in corundum is controlled at 5% to 7%, which makes the main crystal phase Na20 · 11a1203 or β - A1203. Its density is 3.25 g / cm3, melting point is 1600 ℃, thermal expansion coefficient is smaller than a-a1203, and it transforms into a-a1203 at about 2000 ℃ to decompose Na2O. When casting stainless steel, a1203-sic-c material is mostly used as the body of pink aluminium oxide immersion nozzle.(artificial corundum manufacturers in china)

The C and SiC in the material are oxidized by the oxygen and FeO, CR203, MnO in the molten steel, arc fused alumina reducing Fe and Cr to replace c, resulting in the formation of metamorphic layer around the inner hole and tap hole of the nozzle and continuous expansion, hindering the pouring. Replacing a-a1203 with white aluminum oxide abrasive (mostly used as coarse particle part, but a-a1203 for fine powder Part), the immersion nozzle is made, which greatly reduces the thickness of metamorphic layer and improves the spalling resistance.

(artificial corundum manufacturers in china)The reason is that Na20 is released at high temperature, reacts with CaO and SiO2 in steel slag, forms glass film on synthetic corundum working face, prevents graphite oxidation, slag composition from invading and A1203 deposition in molten steel. Fused corundum is mainly used in abrasives industry and refractory industry. R-corundum is mainly used in glass industrial furnaces. Although mullite and spinel are also black aluminum oxide media refractory frits, they are synthetic raw materials.

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