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For example, due to the fact that the aluminum oxide added into the electrolytic cell often forms a block during the heating process after contacting with the electrolyte, many researchers take the partially aggregated aluminum oxide as the object to study its dissolution behavior and some factors affecting the dissolution rate of lead oxide(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador). The dissolution behavior and law of fractional and aggregated are basically the same(china brown fused alumina manufacturers).

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Recently, it is reported that the addition of alumina to the point feeder has been observed by visual method(aluminum oxide supplier). High superheat and high stirring rate can accelerate the dissolution of the oxidation button. The latter part of the curve indicates that the dissolution of massive alumina is relatively slow(how to choose white fused alumina). It is found that the content of alumina in the electrolyte is higher in the cell with higher superheat(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador).

As mentioned before, when the temperature of the electrolyte culture body increases, the dissolution rate in the melt increases(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador). Welkh, BJ. Et al. Studied the effect of superheat on the dissolution rate of oxidation products. Later, other people's research also showed that. It is also found that the dissolution rate increases when the lol of alumina increases from 2% to 10%(white aluminum oxide blast media). Gao Juncheng is beneficial to the dissolution process.

Alumina is first spread on the surface of electrolyte, and they are floating during heating(white fused alumina factory). The faster dissolution of alumina returned from the dry scrubber can be attributed to its higher homogenization. Although the results of various studies in the laboratory are different, they can be summarized by a typical dissolution curve(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador). This curve shows that the initial dissolution rate of alumina increases rapidly after the addition of alumina.

Gerbch et al. Prepared alumina samples with different phases, put these samples in the thickener containing cryolite melt and stir them(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador). The dissolution rate obtained by gerbch decreased in the following order(alumina black). It is also observed that most of the sand like alumina can stay on the surface of the electrolyte for a short time(aluminium oxide blast media). This is because the alumina particles are effectively distributed in the melt, and their dissolution is relatively fast.

When the point feeder is added, the temperature of electrolyte below it drops by 10 ℃ and returns to the original temperature after about 15 seconds(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). In the middle of the electrolysis process, the temperature dropped about 17 ℃ and returned to the original temperature after 225 seconds(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador). The lower temperature of the lower part of the reactor is caused by heating and endothermic during the dissolution of alumina.

First of all, ove kcbbellvet and others judged that the added alumina can be dissolved in the electrolyte quickly, that is, a relatively large amount of alumina can be dissolved in the electrolyte in a short time interval without precipitation(aluminum oxide grit). It can be seen from the listed results that the sedimentation rate of simulated cryolite melt (the density of zinc chloride solution is 22, and the sedimentation rate is faster than that of pure cryolite).(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador)

When adding alumina to the point feeder, according to observations(brown fused alumina manufacturers), due to the large temperature difference between the alumina and the electrolyte, when the oxide particles are in contact with the electrolyte, an electrolytic crust will be formed on the whip particles, and when the alumina spreads When opened, a sheet-like polymer is formed, which greatly reduces the contact area between the alumina particles and the electrolyte(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador).

In order to increase the contact area of the alumina, it is necessary to prevent the formation of aggregates(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador). For this reason, the dissolution of alumina during point-feeding is simulated(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Keep the feeding hole unobstructed without being blocked by the secondary crust. The direct contact of the alumina with the mesh electrolyte can speed up its dissolution(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). Combined with the environment of point cutting, the method of accelerating the dissolution of alumina was studied.

When additives are present in the electrolyte melt, the dissolution rate can be reduced, and the dissolution rate can be reduced by containing excessive and containing(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador). Or the initial aggregates are broken up(aluminum oxide blast media canada). The conclusion obtained is that to speed up the dissolution of lead oxide, the following points need to be done: the alumina added in each batch should be well dispersed in the electrolyte to avoid the production of secondary shells.

The lead oxide agglomerates appearing under the blanking hole are disintegrated as soon as possible(aluminum oxide blast media), mainly through the gas bubbling discharged from the anode to oxidize the agglomerates, and promote the dissolution of the dispersed copper oxide particles(best 100 grit aluminum oxide suppliers ecuador). The preheating of alumina will accelerate the dissolution, increase the superheat of the electrolyte, and also accelerate the dissolution of aggregates(aluminum oxide suppliers usa).

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