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Best 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Mexico

The flow of slurry also has an effect on the instrument's indication, especially when the conduit fails to be installed to a strict level(white fused alumina). The densitometer designed by the Soviet Abrasives Grinding Research Institute for the abrasives industry has partially eliminated the above-mentioned shortcomings(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The density meter is compared with the HIB medium-sized instrument.

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When the slurry flow rate is quite small, it is impossible to fill the effective cross section of the pipe, which makes the measurement result error very large(white aluminum oxide). Density meter sensor is composed of movable catheter 5 and lever deformation converter. It can be seen from the formula that when the slurry density changes, gravity changes(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The difference is that it is installed in a vertical tube with the slurry flowing upward.

The active catheter rests on three weighing sensors(white corundum). The sensor includes an elastic element on the fulcrum-a lever, and the converter can convert the deformation of the lever into an electrical signal. The sensor is connected by a flexible pipe joint and a fixed conduit. Use inductive displacement sensors as deformation converters(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The coil of the inductive sensor is connected to the arm of the differential measurement circuit.

It acts on the elastic element and changes the deflection of the lever(100 grit aluminum oxide). This moves the core of the inductive sensor, which changes the connection to the differential measurement circuit arm. Reactance value and output signal. The disadvantage of this kind of density meter is that it can not work under the conditions of intense vibration and jitter, and it requires strong radiation from the radiation source(silicon carbide grit). Radiation sources use isotopes.

The current flowing through the indicator (connected to the output of the measuring circuit can be calculated as follows: the power supply voltage of the sensor(garnet abrasive); when the volume of the active catheter and the power supply voltage of the differential circuit are known, the sensitivity of the instrument mainly depends on the inductive displacement sensor The sensitivity and resistance of the coil, as well as the parameters of the elastic element(carborundum abrasives).

The DC voltage obtained on the resistors R1 and R2 is proportional to the change in the sensor capacitance value, and therefore proportional to the humidity to be tested(garnet suppliers). Therefore, when the measurement range is below 20 kN / m, the minimum sensitivity of the components used in the density meter should be guaranteed to be about 0.2 kN / m, and the measurement error of the measurement result should not exceed ± 2.5%(green silicon carbide powder).

The density meter sensor is installed vertically in the rising liquid of the slurry(glass bead blasting media suppliers), so that the slurry can completely fill the movable duct, thereby reducing the possibility of solid precipitation and reducing the measurement error. This voltage is measured with a measuring instrument(carborundum grit). The sensitivity required by the radioisotope method can be achieved by selecting a suitable radiation source-radioisotope. 

The level of slurry in the device should be kept constant(steel grid). In conical hoppers that work by the overflow method, these conditions are actually maintained frequently. The method of radioactive isotope measurement of slurry density is based on measuring the intensity of Y-radiation transmitted through the medium to be tested(black silicon carbide powder). Isotope is currently the most satisfactory result(expansion joint of pipeline).

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