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Best 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In China

White corundum sandblasting is to make the cleaned object surface get a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness. The roughness can improve the adhesion of the coating on the object surface, so that the coating can be closely combined with the object surface and is not easy to fall off. No matter how excellent the coating is, it can't be attached to the brown fused alumina manufacturer untreated surface for a long time.

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Therefore, white fused alumina sandblasting can not only improve the roughness and adhesion of the surface, but also greatly extend the service life of the surface coating.Sand blasting work is divided into two steps: dust removal and sand blasting. After the dust remover is started, a negative pressure is formed inside the sand blasting equipment, and the air around the white fused alumina manufacturer sandblasted objects is sucked into the sand blasting cabin.(best 46 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

Under the action of the circulating gas, the dust sucked into the white aluminum oxide sand blasting cabin enters the dust removal unit. After the dust filter bag is filtered, the dust falls into the dust collection hopper. The filtered clean air circulates into the white corundum sandblasting gun, accelerates and injects the white corundum abrasive to complete sandblasting. Tungsten carbon alloy spray gun should not be used in the sand blasting of white fused alumina suppliers as much as possible.

(best 46 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)Dust removal is an important part of arc fused alumina sand blasting work. Boron and silicon carbon alloy spray guns should be used. The sand blasting principle of white corundum seems to be very simple, but each step is very critical and necessary. If the surface of the object is directly sandblasted without dust removal and other treatment, the adhesion life of black fused alumina abrasive on the surface of the object will be greatly reduced, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal use expectation. 

fused alumina powder is melted and crystallized in electric arc furnace with high purity Al2O3 alumina powder. Generally, the content of Al2O3 and Na2O in white corundum powder is more than 98.5% and less than 0.6%. It can be used as solid structure and coated abrasives, wet or dry jet sand. It is suitable for ultra precision grinding and polishing in crystal and electronic industries and pink alumina making high-grade refractory materials.(best 46 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

As Na2O in white corundum Al2O3 powder evaporates after being heated, resulting in hard and brittle 100 grit aluminum oxide white, it can be used in various sand blasting and polishing operations, television screen sand blasting, silicon cutting, molding sand for precision casting, high-grade refractory materials and other ceramic additives. The reason is that black aluminium oxide has a high hardness, and the sand blasting gun equipment with a small hardness wears faster. 

(best 46 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)The hardness of white corundum powder is slightly higher than that of brown corundum, but its toughness is worse. Hard abrasive is easy to cut into workpiece, which can reduce workpiece deformation and grinding heat. The main physical properties are: density: 3.90 g / cm3; hardness: 9.0 Mohs hardness; color: white, dark blue after calcination; 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media melting point: 2250 C; thermal conductivity: 900 C at room temperature.

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