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Best 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In Canada

As for the phase of the sintered binder, generally, 'I hope that it has a certain number of silicon carbide price minerals that play a role in the framework, such as mullite. In addition, there must be an appropriate amount of glass phase, filled between the framework, to bond and make The effect of the binder is more dense, fused alumina which is conducive to strength performance.

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The white fused alumina residual particles or crystals of SiO2 should not be too much, because it will cause volume changes at different temperatures, which may cause microcracks or severe cracking. For the phase of the sintered binder, it depends on the requirements of the abrasive. If the requirements for the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit abrasive are mainly strength (such as high-speed grinding wheels, etc.), generally, the binder is expected to have a pure glass phase or a uniform phase.(best 80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in canada)

The distribution of small green carborundum crystals is not expected to produce coarse and uneven crystals. It is particularly harmful to produce coarse knots at the junction of the binder and the abrasive grains (such as large plagioclase, etc.). If the abrasive is It is used for low speed, and its strength has been tested enough. The main requirement for the abrasive is good self-sharpening, so the requirements on its phase can be relaxed. To some extent, there are some black alumina coarse crystals, even harmful.

(best 80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in canada)The knot produced by impurities may be good for sharpening its sharpness. As for the white aluminum oxide microhardness of the bonding agent, it has been shown through the face that the microhardness of the high-strength bonding agent is higher, and the marks caused by the diamond indenter are clear during the measurement, and the binding agent does not crack at the corners of the corundum white marks. Of course, this is the same It depends on the performance requirements of the abrasive.

When its main requirements are not high strength but other, it is not necessary to be so strict. Similarly, for silicon carbide companies micro-defects, such as micro-holes, micro-cracks, etc., it also needs to be determined according to the requirements of the abrasive tool. Binding agents with high strength requirements are best not to have micro-defects, and the aluminium oxide abrasive grit bonding agent is usually in a pure and defect-free glass state.(best 80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in canada)

The concept of sex is used as the basis for brown aluminium oxide selecting the binding agent. In short, the phase, microhardness, and micro-defects of the bonding agent in the abrasive tool must be analyzed with the application of the abrasive tool and the main requirements of the abrasive tool, and other physical and chemical properties of the bonding agent, in order to obtain a comprehensive. Above, because fused aluminum oxide is high in alumina, its color is white, and brown alumina is brownish black.

(best 80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in canada)Long-term production experience shows that for arc fused alumina abrasives with sufficient strength, when using the binder of loess, there are many types of micropores, but it is one of the better binders for precision grinding or tool grinding. Both white and brown corundum contain alumina, the hardness of black synthetic corundum is slightly higher than that of brown alumina, the alumina content of white alumina is more than 99%, and the alumina content of brown alumina is 95%.

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