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Best Alumina Grit Suppliers In Philippines

Expressway toll plazas are subject to sudden changes in speed of vehicles such as aluminum oxide grit frequent deceleration, braking, stopping, starting, and acceleration. The impact, shear, and friction of the road surface are much larger than ordinary roads, causing serious damage to the toll plaza pavement. Affecting the normal use of toll plazas and highways, at the same time the 46 grit aluminum oxide road surface wear and tear also affects the safe driving of vehicles.

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The abrasion resistance of concrete depends on the hardness of the white fused alumina aggregate, the strength and hardness of the cement (mortar) mortar, and the characteristics of the original cracks in the concrete. Emery concrete wear-resistant pavement consists of a lower layer cast by ordinary concrete and an upper layer cast by emery wear-resistant concrete. The said black aluminum oxide blast media wear-resistant concrete is composed of (30 ~ 70) kg / m3 (8 ~ 80) of ordinary C40 concrete.

The green silicon carbide replaces the fine aggregate composition of the same quality; the lower layer of ordinary concrete is poured on the completed roadbed, and the first layer of concrete is poured after the first layer of concrete is set and before the final set. The brown corundum is 8-mesh black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media. The lower layer has a pouring thickness of 20 cm and the upper layer has a pouring thickness of 4 to 5 cm.

The mass of (8 ~ 80) mesh white aluminum oxide mentioned in is (3 ~ 9)% of the fine aggregate mass. The concrete is added with 6% fine aggregate of 8 mesh brown corundum. Abrasion and light resistance of the concrete used. Corundum is widely used in the industry for making aluminium oxide sandblasting abrasive tools and cutting metal materials due to its good chemical stability, high strength, high hardness, good abrasion resistance and other advantages. 

The advantage of black silicon carbide concrete abrasion resistant pavement is that it improves the abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance of the pavement. According to the stress characteristics of the toll plaza pavement, the abrasion of the pavement concrete mainly includes abrasive wear and fatigue wear. Concrete wear is related to the nucleation rate, black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit crack growth rate, friction coefficient, and hardness of the pores.

The lower layer of ordinary concrete has a thickness of 20cm, and the upper layer of white corundum wear-resistant concrete has a thickness of 4cm. Emery concrete wear-resistant pavement utilizes the high abrasion resistance and high chemical stability of emery, and partially replaces the fine aggregate in cement concrete with the purpose and function of improving the ability of cement mortar to resist abrasive wear, and improving the black alumina pavement as a road toll plaza.

aluminum oxide abrasive concrete wear-resistant pavement construction test: Highway engineering cement concrete test procedures JTJ053-94 concrete abrasion resistance test (T0527-94) method test, the test results are: The abrasion amount of the pavement is reduced from the average 1.867kg / m2 of ordinary C40 concrete to the average 1.334kg / m2 of aluminium oxide abrasive grit concrete. The cement concrete pavement swing value BPN≥65. 

The silicon carbide abrasive abrasion amount is reduced by 28.5%, and the wear resistance of the concrete is significantly improved. After testing the friction coefficient of actual emery concrete pavement, the pavement swing value is 78 on average, which is higher than the “Critical Road Maintenance. Technical Specification JTJ073-2001” pavement sliding resistance rating standard. The requirements prove that the corundum white concrete pavement has good anti-sliding performance.

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