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Best Alumina Polishing Powder Suppliers China

High voltage will change the thermoelectromotive force of the thermocouple(brown fused alumina). This method of indirectly measuring the temperature in a high-voltage device based on the power of current has been widely used in production practice and many research tests(carborundum grit). The measurement accuracy of this method is 1 ~ 2%. The power is the product of the ammeter and voltmeter indication on the switchboard. 

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When artificially synthesizing super-hard materials, it is a very complicated subject because the temperature is measured in an ultra-high pressure device(garnet abrasive). For platinum-platinum saw thermocouples, Strong used extrapolation to derive a correction value of 134 ° C at 100 kbar and 1000 ° C(silicon carbide 180 grit). Brigitte, Minomura, and Delicanman studied the relationship between the resistance and temperature of certain materials.

For this reason, a correction value must be added to the indication of the thermocouple(brown aluminum oxide). In many research work, the correction value caused by the pressure in the high temperature and high pressure area is obtained by extrapolation based on the relationship between the thermoelectromotive force measured under normal conditions and temperature(garnet suppliers). The error of similar inspection methods is quite high, even up to 10%.

In addition to the material and pressure correction, the installation location of the thermocouple, the corrosive effect of the medium, and the inertia of the temperature sensor in the short-term process must also be considered(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Attempts to use a thermistor to measure the temperature under high pressure in a small range (about tens of degrees), but compared to thermocouples, there is no substantial advantage(silicon carbide abrasive grit).

Villeshagin and Kalashnikov proposed a method of measuring the temperature by using infrared radiation of compressed and heated gas with a C-1A photoresistor(brown aluminium oxide). When measuring temperature, a component whose resistance value can change with temperature can be placed in the working pressure chamber(black silicon carbide powder). Garyson and Lawson suggested a method for measuring temperature based on the thermal noise of a resistor.

In addition to temperature, is also related to the resistance of the medium, which makes the realization of the method more difficult(silicon carbide abrasive). Checking the temperature in the grinding zone is also a very complicated matter. Thermoelectric pyrometers are the most used in measurement(green silicon carbide powder). In actual research work, the power is measured using a power meter with an accuracy of 0.1 to 0.2 (I-592 and II-57) under production conditions.

Their test method is to compare the noise voltage of an independent circuit of unknown temperature T with the noise voltage of another circuit of known temperature T(arc fused alumina). The result of using this method to measure temperatures below 1000 ° C is 0.1% more accurate than those measured with platinum-platinum thermocouples(carborundum abrasives). The research results show that it is difficult to apply optical pyrometers under high pressure.

When using resistance thermometers, the above factors should be considered, and the measurement results should be corrected if necessary(fused alumina). The complexity is that the grinding area is covered by lubricating coolant, the time is short, and the grinding wheel, workpiece, and table are in motion(steel grid). The above factors have to use two types of pyrometers, namely optical pyrometers and thermoelectric pyrometers. 

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