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The operation is complex at startup(best alumina powder manufacturers usa). Based on the completion of single equipment and linkage commissioning of power supply rectification, raw material transportation, flue gas purification and other systems, a detailed plan and emergency measures for preheating and melting start-up shall be formulated, and a detailed start-up scheme and safety and operation procedures shall be made(alumina abrasive powder). 

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Due to combustion under closed conditions, radiant heat and asphalt flue gas are rarely emitted(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). Compared with the previous combustion methods, it has the advantages of good working conditions and beneficial to environmental protection(best alumina powder manufacturers usa). To sum up, the following conditions must be met before melting and firing start-up: all equipment required for melting and firing start-up and production must pass the acceptance.

The equipment commissioning of the power supply rectifier system is completed and the power transmission conditions are met(glass bead blasting media suppliers); The commissioning of computer automation control system is completed. Therefore, low-temperature preheating fusion is often necessary(1200 grit aluminum oxide). According to the characteristics of several methods, most of the newly-built aluminum plants use coke or coke graphite powder to preheat and burn(best alumina powder manufacturers usa).

When the temperature reaches 800-900 ℃, the electrolyte can be injected for start-up(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). However, the fuel fusion method also has disadvantages, mainly in the following aspects: the excess air used during combustion causes the cathode carbon block and carbon seam to be burned to a certain extent, especially when preheated to more than 700 ℃, the cathode surface oxidation is more serious, which will affect the service life of the tank(best alumina powder manufacturers usa).

When starting, due to the cold anode, the anode effect is easy to occur, and the effect is not easy to extinguish(best alumina powder manufacturers usa). The price of equipment is high and the cost of burning is high. At present, the fuel burning method is still in the research and development stage and has not been widely used in industry(aluminium oxide blast media). To sum up, the advantages and disadvantages of several common burning methods are summarized and compared in Table 5-1.

The secondary start-up cell or the electrolytic cell after overhaul are mostly started by liquid aluminum burning(alumina blasting). What conditions should be met before preheating and melting of new series electrolytic cells(best alumina powder manufacturers usa)? For the newly-built aluminum plant, according to its size and the number of series electrolytic cells, the preheating, burning compensation and startup shall be carried out in batches according to the plan. 

In order to successfully and safely complete the preheating, burning and start-up of a series of electrolytic cells, careful production preparations should be made in advance(150 grit aluminum oxide). Relevant personnel shall be on duty and undergo training, practice and simulation operation to ensure the success of melting start-up at one time. In the acceptance process, the following links are mainly grasped: the appearance of electrolytic cell(best alumina powder manufacturers usa).

The acceptance and commissioning of electrolytic cell, multi-functional unit and crown block are completed, and the vacuum ladle lifting for aluminum tapping is ready(green silicon carbide); During startup, there is only electrolyte in the tank. Compared with coke pellet roasting, there is no need to install a diverter and the operation is slightly simpler(best alumina powder manufacturers usa). At present, some factories use the mixed sintering method of coke particles and graphite powder.

The short circuit test of electrolyzer bus is completed; The single commissioning and linkage commissioning of general flue gas purification system and alumina conveying system equipment are completed(sponge media abrasive). If there is a defect at the bottom of the tank during preheating, the electrolyte surface does not infiltrate into the gap, and the condensed electrolyte plays a role in blocking the crack or repairing the defect(best alumina powder manufacturers usa).

Anode supply system, aluminum key melting and casting system are matched with aluminum electrolysis capacity and debugged(best alumina powder manufacturers usa); The production labor organization is sound, the required staffing is complete(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive), all relevant departments are on duty, and the operators of each post have mastered the operation technology they should master after training, practice, simulation operation and passing the examination.

Inspection of superstructure(black silicon carbide). And what links should be grasped in the acceptance and production handover of electrolytic cell? The new electrolytic cell must undergo strict acceptance and production handover. Dimension inspection of electrolytic cell lining and furnace(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). What is fuel roasting method and what are its advantages and disadvantages(best alumina powder manufacturers usa)? Fuel fusion method is heated by flame between cathode and anode.

Confirm that each action system is free of distortion and the lubrication is in good condition(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media); Each pneumatic valve and flue air volume conversion valve can be opened and closed flexibly; The action of each limiter is sensitive and reasonable; All clamps, hooks and fasteners are firm and reliable(best alumina powder manufacturers usa). If the speed is too slow, check the sealing of the pipeline and the cylinder itself. If there is any problem, eliminate it in time.

For more than 6 horizontal detection points at the furnace bottom, the number of detection points shall be appropriately increased according to the size of the furnace, and the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value shall be less than 10mm(240 grit aluminum oxide); More than 10 points shall be detected for the large surface dimension of the furnace and more than 4 points for the small surface dimension(best alumina powder manufacturers usa). 

Based on the floor, 2-3 points shall be measured at the flue and aluminum outlet end respectively, and the values shall be recorded as the reference value for the lifting of the furnace bottom after normal production(garnet sand). Commissioning of shelling and blanking mechanism. The shelling and blanking mechanism shall act flexibly without collision(best alumina powder manufacturers usa); The lowering speed and lifting speed shall be normal.

The constant volume blanking device shall meet the standard, and the blanking accuracy shall meet the specification(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Test method of blanking quantity: conduct 5-8 shelling and blanking operations, use containers to receive the materials from each blanking device and weigh them accurately(best alumina powder manufacturers usa); Calculate the blanking error of each point and the error of the total blanking amount, and the relative error shall be less than 3%.

Lifting test of anode lifting mechanism(steel grid). Carry out load lifting test and overload lifting test on anode lifting mechanism. The overload lifting test is increased by 10 after the anode is full; Only a few sets of heavy objects can be sampled for inspection(best alumina powder manufacturers usa). The test method is to hang the load on the anode bus, operate the anode lifting switch up and down for 5 times, and observe the following phenomena or changes.

The data difference shall be less than 15mm(fine grit aluminum oxide). If the error of blanking amount is too large, it shall be adjusted until it is qualified, and the normal shelling interval of the groove shall be determined according to the blanking amount. Whether the upper structure of the electrolytic cell, especially when it is overweight, has vibration and noise(best alumina powder manufacturers usa). After preheating and soldering, power on and start can be carried out at the same time.

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