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The theory of physical adsorption believes that the formation of the glue layer is divided into two stages(artificial corundum): the first stage is that most molecules of the glue liquid move to the surface of the bonded object in the solution due to Brownian motion. At this time, only two materials have similar structures (That is, polar adhesives and polar adhered objects(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media), or non-polar adhesives and non-polar adhered objects) can be well bonded.

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When the distance between the adhesive and the molecules on the surface of the object is less than 0.5am(aluminium oxide blasting), the intermolecular force begins to appear, and finally the adhesive forms a round body to complete the adhesion. In short, the adsorption theory believes that the reason why the adhesive can connect the two parts is mainly due to the role of Fan Shenhua and ammonia bonding(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), and polar materials and non-polar materials can not be well bonded.

The polarity of polyamide is large, but because of its high crystallinity and density(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), it is difficult to diffuse, so the adhesion is poor, and some non-polar polymer compounds (such as polyisobutylene, natural rubber) But it has a strong binding force, which obviously cannot be explained by the adsorption theory(150 grit aluminum oxide). Although the adsorption theory is widely used to explain the bonding mechanism, it still can't explain the following phenomena.

If the adhesive is applied in the form of a solution To the surface of the material to be bonded(220 grit aluminum oxide), and the material to be bonded can swell or dissolve in this solution, the mutual diffusion effect is more significant, and the obtained bonding strength is higher(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). When peeling the adhesive film, the work done is 10 ~ * ~ 10] / cm, but the work required to overcome the intermolecular force is not more than 10-1 ~ 10 / cm.

Many factors must be considered(brown fused alumina). The molecular chain of the molecular compound has flexibility, and the surface molecules of the adhesive and the adherend are in constant thermal motion therebetween, because the mutual diffusion between the adhesive and the adhered compound (In fact, they dissolve each other) is the main factor that produces adhesion(60 grit aluminum oxide). For example, the bonding strength is related to their compatibility.

Due to the interdiffusion of the long chain segments, the interface between the adhesive and the adhered material disappears, forming a strong bond of "interweaving" each other, and its joint strength increases to the maximum value with time(fused aluminum oxide). Therefore, it is difficult to bond polymers that do not have compatibility(80 grit aluminum oxide). This theory holds that the adhesion is due to the chemical bonding force between the adhesive and the adherend.

For the polymer compound in the glass state and the junction state, the inter-diffusion of the stem is affected by the dry adhesion and the bonding strength is low(brown aluminum oxide). For the polymer compound containing the benzene ring, the flexibility of the chain is affected, making it difficult to diffuse, so the bonding strength Also low(aluminium oxide sandblasting). It is a theory to explain the bonding phenomenon from the viewpoint of chemical bond generation.

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