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So far, it has been found that the compound meeting the following conditions has a high probability of becoming the heterogeneous nucleation matrix of graphite, and the compound crystal has a good lattice fit with graphite crystal(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan); High melting point, good thermal stability, not easy to decompose at high temperature.

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The heat of formation of compound is greater than that of SiO2. The sulfide lattice listed in the table has a good fit with the graphite character(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The sulfides of rare earth, decoration, calcium, barium and magnesium are NaCl type ionic crystals. It shows that the sulfides of calcium, barium and manganese have the basic conditions to become the matrix of graphite nucleation(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). 

It can be seen from the data in Table 6 that the heat of formation of aluminum and wrong oxides is greater than that of SiO2, and the heat of formation of calcium, tin and barium oxides is between 559 ~ 636 / MML(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). Moreover, these three element oxides have cubic lattice, and the atomic spacing is close to the hexagonal lattice constant (a) of graphite, so they can also provide effective nucleation matrix for graphite(aluminium oxide blasting).

The lattice mismatch between compound and graphite is not much different from that of sulfide of single element(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The effect of sulfur on the formation of graphite in gray cast iron has been noticed before the statement of sulfide as the core matrix of graphite was put forward(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). It can not only improve the tendency of white mouth, but also promote graphitization(aluminum oxide for sale). Sulfur is a surface active element, insoluble in austenite.

It can be seen from table 7 that the formation free energy of the first eight sulfides is more negative than that of MNS, indicating that in addition to manganese, several other elements can exist in molten iron and become the basic material constituting the graphite crystallization core(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). The inoculation process of cast iron is essentially the process of giving birth to graphite in molten iron with high undercooling tendency(alumina sand). 

It is calculated that the lattice fitness of calcium sulfide, cerium sulfide and graphite are - 4.1% and - 2.9% respectively, while that of barium sulfide and manganese sulfide are + 7.5% and about 12.1% respectively (a lattice fitness of less than 6% is a good match, and a lattice fitness of 6% ~ 12% can also accept carbon atoms)(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). Containing these elements will significantly improve the inoculation effect of ferrosilicon(green silicon carbide).

In addition, some tests show that when the sulfur content of non inoculated gray cast iron increases in a certain range, it can promote graphitization by providing effective crystal nucleus to molten iron, and the number of eutectic clusters increases. Let's look at the changes of cast iron under the action of inoculant(aluminium oxide blast media). Sulfides that can be used as nucleation matrix elements must be more stable than manganese sulfide(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). 

When testing the graphite core of cast iron, it is found that the sulfide of calcium, strontium, barium and magnesium often dissolves the third element or more elements, such as (CA, Sr, Mg) s(100 grit aluminum oxide). When the mismatch is less than 6%, the matrix has a high probability of becoming the crystal core of the product, and the nucleation probability decreases significantly at 6% ~ L2%(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). 

The test elements include rare earth elements (cerium and copper), group IIA elements (calcium, Gong, barium, magnesium), aluminum, titanium, etc(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). Table 7 lists the free energy of sulfide formation of these elements at room temperature(alumina abrasive). At present, after understanding the fact that sulfur plays a role in the nucleation of cast iron, people have added strong sulfide forming elements to the inoculant. 

When the sulfur content of gray cast iron is low (e.g. (s) < 0.025%), unless a large amount of inoculants containing calcium, cerium and other elements are added or late inoculation measures such as in mold inoculation are adopted, most inoculants can not produce normal inoculation effect(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). However, the thin layer crystal continues to accept carbon atoms and grow to a certain size to become the core of graphite crystal. 

The inoculation effect is obviously enhanced by appropriately increasing the sulfur content, which shows that sulfur has a certain effect on the graphite nucleation of cast iron(black silicon carbide). Among the common elements in cast iron, the compound of manganese and sulfur (MNS) is stable. The sulfides of magnesium and manganese belong to the substances that may become the core of graphite products(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). 

Mismatch is an important criterion to judge whether a substance can become an effective nucleation matrix(alumina blasting). Generally, when determining which substances can become the matrix of graphite crystal core, the most direct method is to explore the core substances in the graphite section(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). So far, the substances considered to be able to become the nucleation matrix include sulfide, carbide, silicate and graphite microcrystals(80 grit aluminum oxide).

What needs further discussion is how carbon atoms attach to these sulfides to form graphite crystalline core(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). The test results are as expected(garnet sand). After adding these elements to the inoculant, the inoculation effect is significantly enhanced, and it is basically proved that the more negative the free energy of sulfide formation, the better the stability of sulfide, and the stronger the inoculation effect and anti recession effect. 

The lattice mismatch between sulfide and graphite can be calculated according to the distance between closely arranged planes in sulfide character and corresponding carbon atoms in graphite base plane, as shown in the table(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). Moreover, because the branches of flake graphite are intermingled with the base metal, it is difficult to detect the core material, so spherical graphite is studied(120 grit aluminum oxide).

Wallace put forward the idea that these sulfides may become graphite nucleation matrix according to the lattice mismatch between graphite crystals and sulfide crystals with sodium oxide lattice(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). The sulfides listed in Table 8 have sodium chloride type lattice(steel grid). The formation heat, melting point, crystal structure and compatibility with graphite character of steel oxide are very suitable for graphite nucleation matrix. 

As mentioned earlier, some sulfides exist in the form of composite compounds, and their lattice parameters are determined according to the content of each element(40 grit aluminum oxide). The values are very similar, and the lattice type does not change. From the data listed in the table, the sulfides of calcium, cerium, steel, silicon and barium can effectively become the graphite nucleation matrix and finally form the graphite crystallization core(best aluminium oxide manufacturers jordan). 

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