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Best Aluminium Oxide Polishing Powder Mexico

Basic refractories mainly refer to refractories with magnesia and calcium oxide as the main components, including magnesia brick, magnesia alumina brick, magnesia glass brick, dolomite, etc(brown fused alumina grit). Acid refractories and acid refractories are refractories with silicon dioxide as the main component, mainly referring to spit bricks and glauconite bricks(high purity fused aluminum oxide). Chemical matrix refers to the material in the gap of large crystal or aggregate in refractories.

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The matrix plays a decisive role in the properties of the product, such as high temperature properties and corrosion resistance(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). In use, the products usually start to damage from the substrate part first. The effective process measures to improve the performance of products are to adjust and change the matrix components of products(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). The mineral composition of refractory products depends on its chemical composition and technological conditions. Acid refractories can resist acid fishing erosion.

Refractories can be divided into six categories according to the molding process(brown aluminum oxide blast media): one is the multi-component refractory products containing crystal phase and glass phase, such as clay brick, silica brick, etc.; the other is the multi-component products only containing crystal phase, and the matrix is mostly fine crystal, such as basic refractories such as magnesia brick, chrome magnesia brick, etc(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). Acid refractories contain a considerable amount of free silica SiO2.

The normal temperature compressive strength is calculated according to the recorded maximum load of refractories and the load area of the specimen(brown fused alumina for grinding). Refractories can be divided into three categories according to their chemical properties: these products produce a certain amount of liquid phase when they are fired at high temperature(aluminium oxide 36 grit), but the liquid phase does not form glass phase when they are cooled, but forms a crystalline matrix to bond the main crystal phase together.

The composition of matrix crystal is different from that of main crystal(brown fused alumina). There are two types of microstructure of refractory products. The furnace is built at normal temperature, and the furnace body will expand when it is used at high temperature. One is the structural type of crystal particles cemented by silicate (silicate crystal mineral or vitreous) combination(black silicon carbide factory), the other is the crystal particles directly interlaced into a crystal network, such as high-purity magnesia brick.

Neutral refractory(brown aluminum oxide). Neutral refractories mainly refer to the refractories with Al2O3, Al2O3 and carbon as the main components, such as corundum brick, high alumina brick, carbon brick, etc. their characteristics are corrosion resistance to acid flooding and alkaline slag(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). The high-temperature properties (high-temperature mechanical properties, slag resistance and thermal expansion resistance) of products with direct combination structure are much better.

Refractories can be divided into three categories according to the fire resistance(brown aluminium oxide): ordinary refractories, with the fire resistance of 1580-1770c, advanced refractories, with the fire resistance of 1770-2000c; basic refractories have strong corrosion resistance to alkaline solution. most of the refractory products can be divided into two categories according to their main crystal phase and matrix composition(black silicon carbide suppliers): super refractories, with the fire resistance higher than 2000c.

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