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The common quality problems of fused cast refractory products are composition segregation in cooling process after casting and cracking caused by local thermal stress(fused alumina). For example, through the adjustment of cooling solidification speed to control the composition segregation, through the annealing process(low density white alumina), control the hardening and cooling speed of the castings in the annealing process to solve the problem of product cracking.

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Natural annealing is to put the casting together with the model into the incubator to cool down naturally and slowly, while controlled annealing is to release the casting and then put it into the annealing furnace to cool down slowly according to the annealing curve(glass beads manufacturers). The qualified rate of controlled annealing is higher than that of natural annealing(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). The hot pressing process is a process combining the molding and firing of the mud, and its density value can almost reach the theoretical value.

The hot pressing forming method is a method of forming and burning mud into products under the condition of heating and pressure at the same time(garnet abrasive price). The hot pressing equipment adopts hydraulic press and graphite model. Graphite model can withstand high temperature and high pressure at high temperature(wholesale brown fused alumina). The mold can be heated by induction coil or resistance, and the high frequency induction hot piezoelectric furnace is generally used.

The characteristic of hot pressing method is that special products with high density can be obtained(white fused alumina). Under high temperature, the pressure is helpful to the contact and diffusion between the slurry particles, so as to reduce the sintering temperature and shorten the sintering time(glass bead abrasive). When the drying is too fast, if the rate of moisture removal is not the same, cracks may occur. Rotary dryer is a kind of drying equipment with a circular shell and a certain inclination.

In refractory industry, hot pressing method is mostly used in the manufacture of pure oxide products, such as oxidation bond, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, alumina and other refractory compound products(white aluminum oxide). Return drying is the process of removing moisture from the brick(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). Cast refractory products are mainly used in glass industry because of their large grain size, compact structure, high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance.

The large difference of water gradient indicates that the drying speed is fast and easy to cause cracking and deformation(white corundum). The purpose of brick drying is to remove moisture through drying, increase mechanical strength of brick, reduce mechanical loss during transportation and transportation(steel shot abrasive), make brick have necessary strength when firing after charging, bear certain stress, improve the rate of fired products, and provide beneficial conditions for firing.

There are two ways of annealing, natural annealing and controlled annealing(arc fused alumina). The mud is loaded into the mold for hot pressing, the temperature can reach 1850 ℃ or higher, and the pressure range is 25 ~ 50MPa. During the drying process of brick, there are some physical changes, such as surface hardening (such as silica brick), volume shrinkage (such as clay brick). When the dryer is working under positive pressure(brown fused alumina suppliers), it is dry more evenly because it does not absorb cold air.

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