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Best Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Suppliers Ukraine

For special refractory products, except for the blank formed by dry pressing and the products formed by hot pressing, the bad bodies formed by other methods shall be dried(glass bead abrasive). Normal operation, pressing the shape, size and single weight of the brick(aluminium oxide polishing powder). The drying equipment for the production of special refractories is the same as that for ordinary refractories, mainly including tunnel dryer, chamber dryer and electric dryer.

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Special refractories adopt different forming methods, and the water content in the body varies greatly, which can fluctuate between 15% and 3%(garnet abrasive price). If the final water content of the body is required to be no more than 0.5%, different drying methods and different drying equipment must be used to ensure that no cracks are produced during drying and firing(alumina polishing powder). The roughness r of the contact part of artificial joint (artificial bone) should be 0.0125-0.00625.(best aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers ukraine)

The factors that affect the drying effect are as follows(white fused alumina): the nature and structure of the material, the variety of special refractory products, the large performance difference and the use of multi-level particle ingredients will affect the drying efficiency and effect of the products(silicon carbide abrasive powder). The purpose of drying is to remove the moisture in the green body and harden the organic or inorganic binder, which can effectively improve the bonding strength of the bad body.

(best aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers ukraine)The moisture content of the brick determined by the forming method requires the final residual moisture content of the brick(silicon carbide price). For the products with complex shape, large volume and single heavy weight, the drying method of low temperature, long time and slow speed should be adopted(aluminum oxide blasting). The quality of corundum ingot fluctuates greatly after being selected. The normal operation current is controlled at 4000-5000a.

In addition to the above ingredients, the drying process is basically divided into three stages(aluminum oxide abrasive): natural drying, heating drying and cooling. Natural drying can reduce the moisture content of brick by 30% ~ 40% when it is dried for more than 24 hours under natural ventilation(carborundum powder). In this way, not only the moisture content of the brick is reduced, but also the evaporation rate of the moisture is greatly reduced, and the energy consumption is also reduced.

There are three types of heating drying: one is air heating drying or residual heat drying; the other is steam heating drying(aluminum oxide grit); the third is electric heating drying. The heating drying process can be divided into three stages: the initial stage of isokinetic drying, the middle stage of deceleration drying and the last stage of water balance(silicon carbide grit suppliers). The mixture of aluminum chips and carbon powder can also be used as arc starting material.

After rough processing, some special refractory products can not meet the use requirements(glass beads manufacturers): for example, the required dimensional tolerance of sealing ring products is less than 0.2mm, the parallelism is less than 0.02mm, the roughness of the working end surface is greater than 0.2(steel shot abrasive); the allowable tolerance of the outer diameter of the bearing ball is less than 0.02mum, and the surface roughness is greater than 0.2.(best aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers ukraine)

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