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Best Aluminum Oxide Blasting Grit Suppliers Thailand

Using the frit method to produce brown corundum abrasives(white fused alumina). In the processing method of abrasives, it is advisable to use the roller processing method to increase the flake-shaped and sword-shaped abrasive grains while ensuring the rough surface of the abrasive grains(garnet suppliers). Improve the content of abrasive basic particles and the uniformity of the particle size, sulfuric acid image, and remove debris, dust and coarse particles.

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The corundum-based abrasive can be calcined at 800 ~ 1300 ℃ for 2 ~ 4h, which can obviously improve the microhardness, toughness and hydrophilicity of the abrasive grains(white aluminum oxide). Because the frit method has the characteristics of large crystal grains compared with the exile method and the decantation method(glass bead blasting media suppliers). There are many treatment methods for materials, such as calcination, particle shaping, surface coating, surface corrosion, etc.

As the temperature increases, the toughness also increases, but after the temperature exceeds 1300 ℃ , Abrasive performance has a tendency to decline(white corundum). During the granulation process of the abrasive, dark cracks are caused by crushing(steel grid). When heat treatment makes the abrasive particles in the brittle stage, the cracks expand and the abrasive particles split to form new intact abrasive particles, which improves the strength of the abrasive particles.

According to data reports, when heat treatment enters the initial plastic stage of the abrasive(aluminum oxide abrasive), the migration of impurities further compensates for the microcrack male, and the heat treatment makes the low-cost drink in corundum into high-priced titanium(aluminium oxide material for blasting). Studies have shown that the coating treatment of the sleeve is made by coating a thin layer of material on the surface of the abrasive, which is then heat-treated and loosely sieved.

According to relevant information, for example, brown corundum changes from brown to dark blue, but after the temperature exceeds 1300 ° C(aluminum oxide grit), as the temperature increases, titanium is further oxidized, causing brown corundum to gradually change from dark blue to gray, resulting in Abrasive performance is reduced(brown aluminum oxide sand). Remove impurities on the surface of the abrasive particles, the abrasive grains have high strength and high hardness.

In this way, after calcining corundum, the magnetic separation efficiency is improved(synthetic corundum), so that impurities (magnetic substances) in the abrasive are reduced, and the hardness of the abrasive is improved. In view of the fact, the Xiaoyu-based abrasives used by Xufu Abrasives in advanced countries in the world have undergone tender treatment(white aluminum oxide crystals), without The most uniformly processed corundum abrasives are not used for the production of coated abrasives.

The experiment proves that calcination has obvious effect on corundum-based static materials, but not obvious on carbide-based abrasives(emery abrasive). Its role is to increase the coarse sugar on the surface of the abrasive grains and increase the hydrophilicity. The dust and dirt on the surface of the abrasive grains are low-melting organic substances(white aluminium oxide grit), which become gas and evaporate during forging, thereby improving the hydrophilicity of the abrasive grains.

Metal salt treatment is to apply a small amount of metal salt uniformly to the surface of the abrasive grains, and then perform high-temperature calcination(garnet abrasive). The metal salts used for the treatment of abrasives are: nickel acid, nitrate bromide-sand, aluminum acid, and Aluminum acid-sanding, acid drill, iron acid, iron acid-sand bleaching(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound), copper sulfate, copper sulfate-sanding, bromide chloride, bromide acetate, ferrous sulfate, etc.

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