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The shadow coverage in the figure represents the symbiotic area, in which figure a is a symmetrical symbiotic area(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). The boundary of the symbiotic region is located on both sides of the equilibrium eutectic composition(fine grit aluminum oxide). In this region, phase a formed by component A and phase B formed by component B have been supersaturated respectively. 

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Some main factors that may affect the volume fraction of austenite dendrite are the temperature interval of austenite dendrite growth, that is(240 grit aluminum oxide), the temperature range from the beginning of austenite precipitation to the end of precipitation (the end of precipitation temperature cannot be determined as the beginning temperature of Eutectic Transformation, because austenite dendrite can continue to grow during eutectic transformation)(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia).

The volume fraction of dendrite in the process of Eutectic Transformation increased significantly when fan Heyin added cast iron at the same time(green silicon carbide). Only after the nucleation and growth of the low melting point component (component a) can the composition of the melt tend to the composition of the eutectic region(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). The casting is cooled at a faster rate and a small amount of tin or titanium (0.1%) is added at the same time.

Therefore, the mechanical properties of cast iron with this structure are enhanced(aluminium oxide blasting media). The following factors also affect the morphology and distribution of primary austenite: low carbon equivalent, low sulfur content, high superheat of molten iron, high pouring temperature(120 grit aluminum oxide), poor inoculation quality, high cooling rate of castings or directional cooling make austenite dendrite show directional distribution(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). 

The undercooling of eutectic transformation is significantly increased by comparing copper and Kay, so that the temperature interval of crystal growth is expanded(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). The effect of inoculant increases in the following order: ferrosilicon, palladium, ferrosilicon and calcium silicon(150 grit aluminum oxide); It leads to a certain degree of randomness in the growth rate of austenite grain and the development characteristics of dendrite. 

With the increase of cooling rate, the temperature at which dendrites stop precipitation decreases with the increase of Eutectic Transformation undercooling(glass bead abrasive), which expands the temperature range of dendrite growth, resulting in the increase of dendrite precipitation, the acceleration of crystal growth, the refinement of dendrites, more branches and the corresponding reduction of dendrite arm spacing(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia).

The symbiotic zone of nonequilibrium transformation of binary eutectic alloy is located within the range of the extension line of the two liquidus(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The liquid phase supercooling of equilibrium eutectic composition directly enters the symbiotic zone and begins two-phase cooperative growth(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). The non-equilibrium eutectic transition temperature is usually lower than the equilibrium eutectic transition temperature.

High carbon equivalent, high sulfur content, low superheat of molten iron and pouring temperature, and slow cooling of cast iron make austenite dendrite fine and non directional arrangement(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). Inoculation treatment reduces the dry spacing of primary dendrites(steel shot abrasive). When the growth rate reaches a certain degree, the austenite dendrites may collide and intersect with each other, and then form a skeleton structure.

In the region below the eutectic temperature of the equilibrium phase diagram, the composition temperature region of the two eutectic phases growing at the same rate in a stable state can be determined(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). The grain size, spacing and shape are different(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). Therefore, the position of the symbiotic zone will be biased to one side, as shown in the figure, and the symbiotic zone will be biased to the right. 

This region is called "symbiotic region"(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Synergetic growth has the following characteristics: in the growth process, the precipitation of one phase can become the nucleation matrix of the second phase or induce the nucleation and growth of the second phase(alumina abrasive powder). This type of symbiotic zone belongs to asymmetric symbiotic zone(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). The solidification structure of the alloy will contain phase A and (a + b) Co products.

If the melting points of component A and component B are very different, or the solidification interface structure is different (for example, rough solidification interface and smooth solidification interface), the undercooling required for the growth of the two crystals is different, and the growth rate is also different(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Phase A and phase B on the w (CA) line of the symbiotic zone have the same supersaturation concentration(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). 

The position of the symbiotic zone shows that the formation of eutectic structure deviates not only from the equilibrium eutectic temperature, but also from the equilibrium eutectic composition(garnet blasting media). Phase B nucleated in the symbiotic region and began to grow at the same rate as phase a to form eutectic structure(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). The co grown two phases have an approximate crystallization rate, which is higher than that of a single phase(100 grit aluminum oxide). 

The microstructure of alloys with equilibrium eutectic composition in symmetric symbiotic zone and asymmetric symbiotic zone is not completely the same in phase composition and phase morphology(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). This is not only due to the existence of the phase precipitated before the eutectic transformation, but also because the existence of this phase may change the size, morphology and distribution of the eutectic structure(alumina blasting).

Generally, when the melting points of the two components are quite different, the asymmetric symbiotic region always tends to the side with higher melting point (the figure tends to the side of group B)(alumina grit). Outside the eutectic region, the two components began to grow at different speeds at the same time, resulting in irregular microstructure, including high melting point crystal and irregular eutectic structure(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). 

As the primary crystal of component a crystallizes before the formation of (a + b) eutectic, the volume fraction of eutectic decreases in the as cast structure(1200 grit aluminum oxide). If the cooling rate increases or the undercooling amount of Eutectic Transformation increases for other reasons, the change of eutectic phase compared with primary phase will be more significant(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). Usually, high melting point components nucleate first(aluminum oxide sandblasting media).

Therefore, the solidification interface of synergistic growth may be isothermal interface or non isothermal interface(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia); The element diffusion property at the front of solidification interface and the transmission of crystallization latent heat are the main factors controlling the synergistic growth rate, and affect the growth temperature range of eutectic structure(black silicon carbide). Eutectic occurs in the symmetrical symbiotic region.

The morphology of eutectic structure is related to the nucleation property of constituent phase, the degree of liquid undercooling, the temperature gradient at the solidification front(aluminum oxide blasting grit), the crystal growth rate, the composition of liquid phase and the content of impurity elements(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers serbia). The co growth in the symbiotic zone is a non isothermal phase transformation process, resulting in layered or rod eutectic structure. 

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