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The most commonly used graphitization inoculants are fesi75 ferrosilicon containing a small amount of aluminum and calcium, composite ferrosilicon containing barium, tin and silicon calcium alloy(best selling aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). When the content of aluminum and calcium is the same and the inoculation conditions are similar, the graphitization ability of fesi75 ferrosilicon increases with the increase of silicon content(alumina abrasive).

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However, due to the dissolution of graphite in the samples poured at high temperature, the carbon content in molten iron increases, and the combined carbon content also increases accordingly, resulting in fine graphite. When w (CA) is not less than q.5%, calcium shows a stronger ability to promote graphitization than aluminum(green silicon carbide). Silver enhances the graphitization ability of silicon inoculants(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). 

In the inoculated cast iron, the undercooled graphite decreases with the increase of calcium content, and can significantly increase the number of common graphite groups to form finer A-type graphite(alumina sand). The main deficiency of fesi75 ferrosilicon is its short effective action time in molten iron and poor anti recession ability(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). The high silicon concentration around the graphite nucleation position can be maintained for a long time.

The graphitization promoting ability of barium ferrosilicon containing 4% - 6% silicon is significantly higher than that of fesi75 ferrosilicon(80 grit aluminum oxide). Adding active elements such as calcium, gill, barium and rare earth into the inoculant or controlling the dissolved oxygen in molten iron from the process can help to solve this problem(alumina adsorbent). Inertia inhibits the diffusion of silicon and carbon atoms in molten iron(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). CAC and some sulfides have the same problem.

This may be the main reason why people agree with the nucleation theory of graphite particles(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Because the ability of fesi75 ferrosilicon (tin ferrosilicon) containing 0.6% ~ 1.0% tin to inhibit the white cast iron of thin-walled iron castings (about 3mm) is higher than that of fesi75 ferrosilicon, and aluminum can also increase the anti recession ability of inoculant, but its effect is weaker than that of barium ferrosilicon(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania).

The anchor itself is a strong deoxidizing desulfurizer(black silicon carbide). In addition, it is removed by combining with oxygen and sulfur in molten iron. Even within the effective action time, these added elements may be oxidized by oxygen in molten iron and lose their due role(aluminium oxide blasting). It is thought that ferrosilicon does not significantly increase the number of eutectic clusters while strongly promoting graphitization(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania).

Ferrosilicon with w (Zr) = 5% ~ 7% can promote the formation of fine and uniform graphite, reduce the tendency of white mouth, and has strong anti recession ability(aluminum oxide for sale). Silicon calcium alloy was once a widely used inoculant. Carbon silicon calcium alloy is made by mixing graphite with ferrosilicon and silicon calcium alloy(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). At present, there are two kinds of inoculants used: graphitized inoculant and stabilized inoculant.

After the gray cast iron is treated with silicon calcium alloy, the graphite flake thickens and shortens, the number of eutectic clusters increases and the tensile strength increases(aluminium oxide blast media). There is also a statement that has not been widely recognized that sulfides and sulfur oxygen compounds in molten iron are easy to adsorb sulfur atoms, so that sulfides cannot exist independently in molten iron for a long time(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). 

Crystalline graphite is the basic material for the inoculation ability of donor alloys(120 grit aluminum oxide). The content of calcium with active chemical properties accounts for about 1 / 3 of the alloy. It can effectively deoxidize and remove sulfur in molten iron, and has the ability to combine with nitrogen and hydrogen(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). Moreover, compared with various ferrosilicon, carbon silicon calcium alloy has the strongest ability to inhibit white mouth.

Among them, carbon particles are dispersed in high-temperature molten iron and can become the core of graphite products, while silicon, calcium and aluminum can deoxidize, fix ammonia and promote graphitization(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). It has a complete crystal structure and is easy to combine with insoluble graphite particles and graphite molecules in molten iron to form a nucleation matrix(garnet sand). The anti recession effect is obvious.

Barium and calcium need to be added to this kind of inoculant to improve the anti recession ability(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Adding 3% ~ 5% rare earth elements into silicon graphitization inoculant can also improve the inoculation effect, especially in the treatment of high carbon equivalent molten iron(aluminum oxide sand). Its graphitization ability is about twice that of fesi75 ferrosilicon, and the effect of inhibiting white mouth is very stable(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania).

Rare earth elements have strong deoxidation and sulfur removal ability, and the mismatch between the lattice constants of rare earth sulfide, oxide and nitride and graphite is very small, which may become an effective nucleation matrix and promote the formation of graphite(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). Stabilizing inoculants promote graphitization, inhibit the decomposition of eutectoid cementite and prevent excessive ferrite in the matrix.

Nitrogen is the preferred element for stabilizing inoculants(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). After nitrogenous inoculant treatment, the dendrite growth of hypoeutectic cast iron is no longer affected by heat flow, and changes from directional arrangement to non directional arrangement. The length of primary dendrite axis decreases and the secondary dendrite axis coarsens(100 grit aluminum oxide). The tensile strength and hardness of cast iron have been significantly improved.

The stabilizing inoculant is composed of graphitization elements, stable pearlite elements (nitrogen, copper) and carbide forming elements (chromium, manganese, vanadium and titanium). Rare earth elements also occupy a certain position(best selling aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). The stabilizing inoculant containing rare earth elements can reduce the white tendency and section sensitivity, and is more suitable for the treatment of molten iron pouring thick and large castings.

Therefore, the undercooled graphite decreases, the amount of type a graphite increases, the eutectic is refined, and the basic structure is mainly fine pearlite(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). It can significantly improve the content ratio of pearlite to ferrite in thick section(steel grid). Particle impact makes the surface thin layer form fine high strain fatigue chips, and the flakes peel off, resulting in erosion wear. 

R. E. winter found that the erosion surface of soft material had adiabatic temperature rise and local shear deformation. R. Jr. Bellman et al. Proposed that there is a deformation induced hardening zone under the soft surface of the erosion surface(best aluminum oxide grit suppliers tanzania). Some studies show that the erosion damage of brittle materials is mainly caused by cracks in the high stress zone of the subsurface or surface defects.

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