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Studies have proved that it is easy to make the product particles form a network structure, which is conducive to rapid encrustation(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). Due to the existence of this network structure in the crust, the strength of the structure is increased, and even if the temperature rises above the melting temperature of the electrolyte, it will not be broken(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The melting temperature of the crust in this example was 942°C.

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Conditions for the formation of network structure(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy): A contains a certain amount of conversion but should not exceed 50%(high purity fused aluminum oxide), and the temperature is greater than 800 ℃, the electrolyte in contact should be peeled off to facilitate the formation of cross-links between particles. is composed of three kinds of compounds, cryolite and sub-cryolite(aluminum oxide supplier). The content of sub-ice stone is more than that of cryolite. 

can also be understood as: solid electrolyte solidified in the plant-in-plant type, the upper part is called the furnace side, and the place where the aluminum liquid contacts and below is called the extension leg(brown fused alumina suppliers). Researchers have performed continuous measurements for 60 hours of crusts outside of the point-type feed opening(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). The molecular ratio of the crust is different from top to bottom.

The results show that the temperature of the upper layer of the crust has been increasing(white aluminum oxide blast media), the thickness of the crust is about 5-10cm, and the temperature of the lower crust needs 20 hours to reach a transient equilibrium, and the temperature near the hard crust is about 700℃(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). The higher the content in the crust (40-45%), the lower the density(vietnam aluminum oxide). When the temperature is higher than 70℃, the liquid phase appears in the crust.

For example, the molecular ratio of the sampled crust is 24(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). At 740℃, the crust The amount of liquid phase inside is 16% by weight(china brown fused alumina manufacturers). It is 18% at 800℃. It shows that the temperature is high, the liquid phase in the crust is more, and the crust is easy to disintegrate(wholesale brown fused alumina). In the field production, it has been observed (with Tie Xuan) that a thin layer of condensation exists at the junction of the electrolyte and the aluminum liquid level.

In the production, crushed electrolyte blocks are often used to form the surface shell and repair the furnace side(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). Because it contains a lot of low-melting electrolyte, it is easy to form a junction shell. It is possible for the fine particles to settle down and stay on the surface of the liquid lead(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Theoretical calculations also show that due to the surface of the liquid, the tension is so great that particles up to 7mm in diameter can stay on it.

The molecular ratio of the upper crust is lower than that of the liquid electrolyte, and the lower crust is close to the molecular ratio of the liquid electrolyte(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). The electrolyte near the aluminum liquid level in the industrial tank was also sampled and analyzed, and its content can reach 15%, while the electrolyte content is %(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). An example of sampling: the composition of the crust is as follows, and the sub-cryolite content is 20%.

product particles are cross-linked with each other to form a structure similar to a network, and then a crust can be formed quickly(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy).  It is thicker than the upper furnace side and extends slightly to the lower part of the idle pole(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). When the point blanking changed from over feeding (135%) to under feeding (70%), the virtual resistance of the electrolytic cell suddenly decreased(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). Kvnde isoloop observed a lag effect.

Because the surface of the smart liquid is covered by a thin layer(how to choose white fused alumina), it reduces the dissolution in the electrolyte, reduces the reaction of the metal with CO2, reduces the secondary reaction, and improves the current efficiency (experimental research shows that it can be improved by> %), the behavior and function of point-cutting are hurt by this, and it may also be one of the reasons for its high efficiency(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). It is 24% at 900℃(aluminium oxide blasting grit).

The furnace side is a solid electrolyte block condensed from the inner wall of molten electrolyte sliding particles(white fused alumina suppliers), which continuously forms the groove face space with different thickness, In this space, the electrochemical and physicochemical reactions of aluminum electrolysis are carried out to realize the electrolysis process(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). The crusts formed by large-scale processing or edge processing in the old process are relatively hard.

It has a lower density than Al, so that the electrolyte can float on the upper part of molten Al, protect the a core from oxidation, and simplify the structure of the electrolytic cell(alumina black). This layer of furnace side is a good thermal insulation and electrical insulation material. It can not only keep the furnace particles warm, but also prevent electric leakage(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). Therefore, it is harmful(brown corundum). In production, we should vigorously prevent the formation of the bottom shell.

At the same time, the furnace particles with good shape can make the current density high and concentrated, the electrolyte and cotton liquid flow smoothly, and the gas can be eliminated easily, so as to obtain high current efficiency(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). Its formation and change are dominated by the heat balance of the electrolytic cell(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). It is a special title for the part of the coagulation barrier furnace wall in contact with the lead liquid in the cell.

Therefore, the layer on the shell surface plays the role of drying, heat preservation and absorbing oxide gas(aluminum oxide blast media). In addition to their close relationship with the properties of aluminum electrolyte, they are also related to the production operation of aluminum electrolysis (such as process conditions and methods), the structural characteristics of cell, production environment, etc.(white fused alumina price), and the relationship between them is very complex(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy).

This is formed by the electrolyte shell falling under the liquid aluminum layer(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). It increases the resistance at the bottom of the cell, makes the current distribution at the bottom of the cell uneven, and causes the local magnetic field to be passive(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). After feeding the electrolyte (whether point blanking or side blanking, or cover material after anode replacement), a surface shell (crust) will be formed on the electrolyte surface.

It has good conductivity in molten state, so that the resistivity between poles is low, which is conducive to energy saving(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy); Practice shows that in order to produce a good crust, the formation of crust should be fast and the texture of crust should be hard and soft, that is, it should not be too hard or too soft(aluminum oxide blast media canada). In modern aluminum reduction cells, the crusts generated by point blanking and central blanking are generally very soft.

During each blanking of the point feeder, the upper layer and the lower crust at the blanking port will fall together and enter the molten magnetic electrolyte(aluminium oxide blast media). When the charged materials are in contact with the electrolyte, they have three directions: form crusts, gather into larger blocks and sink, disintegrate and disperse into fine pieces, and quickly dissolve into the electrolyte (5 ~ 10 seconds)(best aluminum oxide manufacturers italy). It is also one of the causes of the sick cell(aluminum oxide grit).

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