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Best Aluminum Oxide Polish Manufacturers South Korea

The heating system includes a heating system and a control system(garnet abrasive price). The hydraulic transmission system adopts electrical control to ensure three working specifications of adjustment, segmentation and semi-automatic circulation. The oil pressure of the common high-pressure oil circuit is 13.7MPa, which is composed of an axial plunger pump(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media), general medium and high pressure hydraulic components and hydraulic oil pipes.

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At this time, the six top hammers form an ultra-high pressure space(glass beads manufacturers), and then the liquid is filled so that the six top hammers all contact the pyrophyllite block, and a small pre-pressure is generated, and then the ultra-high pressure, holding pressure, pressure relief, and return are carried out until The piston stops(100 grit aluminum oxide media). Hydraulic transmission system is divided according to its oil circuit, which can be divided into main oil circuit and control oil circuit.

The main oil circuit is divided into two parts(fused alumina), the ordinary high-pressure oil circuit and the ultra-high pressure oil circuit, with the ultra-high pressure controllable check valve as the boundary. The oil pressure of the control oil circuit is 24.5MPa, which is composed of a vane pump and low-pressure hydraulic components. Generally, diamond is synthesized under the pressure of 5.0~7.0GPa, and its temperature is between 1300~1400℃(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). It is basically the same for all kinds of high-voltage equipment.

The oil pressure of the ultra-high pressure oil circuit is 147.1MPa, which is only composed of an ultra-high pressure controllable check valve and ultra-high pressure oil pipe(white fused alumina). All pressure gauges, electrical control buttons and heating control equipment and instruments are all installed on the front of the console(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). At the end of the empty stroke, the three top hammers with empty stroke will stop contacting the pyrophyllite blocks respectively.

Among the six top hammers, the bottom, right and back three adjacent top hammers have no empty stroke, and they are used as the basis for placing pyrophyllite cubes after adjustment(white aluminum oxide). The heating system can be composed of a voltage regulator and a voltage transformer system, or a thyristor can replace the voltage regulator to heat and control the temperature(steel shot abrasive). Electrical appliances and heating devices are installed in an electrical box.

There are two methods commonly used to obtain this temperature in the static pressure method: direct heating(white corundum): heating through the graphite rod itself; indirect heating: heating through the graphite tube sheathed outside and insulated from the graphite rod(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Because the R value is only a few thousandths to ten thousandths of ohms under high voltage, the current value I needs to be obtained by a low-voltage high-current power supply system. 

Therefore, most of the hydraulic components are installed on the oil tank(silicon carbide price), the oil tank and the console surface are welded into a whole, closed and dustproof, and the oil tank is provided around the tank surface. In order to facilitate the adjustment of the top hammer and the segmented operation, there is a mobile auxiliary console next to the main machine(glass bead abrasive). At this time, the composite part is deformed after being compressed in the axial direction and extends radially.

The temperature generated by the heating of the graphite rod (or tube) is basically the initial temperature in the synthesis chamber(arc fused alumina). This temperature is obtained by heating the graphite rod with external power, the external power W=PR, and the current I value varies with the resistance R of the graphite rod Different, the power level also changes accordingly(46 grit aluminum oxide). Temperature control and measurement have a great influence on synthetic diamond.

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