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Best Aluminum Oxide Powder Wholesale Price Vietnam

The external cause is the nature of the medium(white fused alumina), such as surface tension, viscosity, wetting ability with clay, and content. However, in determining the sintering range of the bond for ceramic abrasive tools, the water absorption rate of the specimen is used to reflect the sintering range, that is, the corresponding temperature interval of water absorption from 6% to 2% is the sintering range(aluminum oxide grit). Clay with strong plasticity is added.

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This measurement method is not completely consistent with the above definition, but it is also of certain reference value when measured by the same standard(white aluminum oxide). The adsorption of different cations by clay particles will affect the suction and repulsion between them. The size and shape of clay particles have great influence on the surface area(synthetic corundum). Therefore, only when the water content is appropriate, can clay have good plasticity.

(best aluminum oxide powder wholesale price vietnam)I the influence of clay mineral types: different clay minerals have different adsorption capacity for water(white corundum). When the amount of adsorbed water is large, the hydration film is thicker and the particles are easy to slide. When 3-valent cations are adsorbed, the high charge density has a great suction on clay(emery abrasive), which also increases the suction between clay particles, which makes the plasticity of clay increase.

For the same valence ions(silicon carbide abrasive), the smaller the ionic radius is, the larger the ionic radius is after hydration, which will reduce the suction of clay particles and weaken its plasticity. With the increase of specific surface area, the surface energy and adsorption capacity increase, and the area of hydration film increases correspondingly, and the effect of surface tension of wet water is significant(garnet abrasive). As a result, the plasticity of clay increases.(best aluminum oxide powder wholesale price vietnam)

The specific surface areas of different shapes of particles vary greatly(green silicon carbide). The specific surface areas of plate-shaped and columnar particles are much larger than those of spherical and cubic particles, so the plasticity is also high. Therefore, under the same other conditions, the finer the particles are, the more plate-like or columnar particles are, and the larger the specific surface area is(glass bead blasting media suppliers), the higher the plasticity is. 

(best aluminum oxide powder wholesale price vietnam)If the water content of clay is too small, it is not enough to form a layer of water film on the surface of each particle(black silicon carbide). Therefore, it is very difficult for particles to slide and arrange in orientation. At this time, the plasticity of clay is very poor. If the water content is too much(garnet suppliers), the hydration film between particles is very thick and flows under the action of small external force or gravity of particles There is no hope.

The plastic water required by different clay mines is different, with a general fluctuation range of 18-25%(aluminum oxide abrasive). Adding ridge like feldspar and quartz into clay will reduce its plasticity, air will also reduce its plasticity, while organic matter can improve its plasticity. When the surface tension and viscosity of the medium are high, the plasticity can also be improved(steel grid). The binding force is the force required to separate clay particles.

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