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Best Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Suppliers Switzerland

Once the RVD and CBN with metal clothes are used, this situation can be greatly changed(green silicon carbide powder). The metal clothing has a good thermal barrier effect on RVD and CBN. The heat of the grinding ketone generated during the grinding process is first transferred to the metal clothing, and is quickly transferred to the surrounding binder through the metal clothing(silicon carbide grit suppliers). Therefore, the accumulation of the heat of the grinding is less.

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It is worth mentioning that the bonding agent (resin) around the RVD and CBN has a much lower chance of reaching the carbonization temperature and decomposing(carborundum abrasives), which ensures the bonding strength of the bonding agent to the abrasive particles and fully exerts the abrasive grinding effect. It can be evenly distributed on the surface of the abrasive grains and firmly hold the abrasive grains in the tool(carborundum grit suppliers). The general choice is in 100/120 to fine to fine powder grade.

When drunk and hard, about 70% of the grains are not fully utilized and fall off directly(silicon carbide grit). Of course, it must also be pointed out that the bond metal clothing abrasives also have some shortcomings, mainly because the self-sharpness of diamond and CBN is affected, so the power consumption of the machine tool is increased during the pre-grinding process (about 10% to 20% increase). After heating and curing(aluminum oxide sandblasting), it has certain hardness, strength and pre-grinding performance.

The use of metal coated abrasives must also properly adjust the formula of the resin binder(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), otherwise it will cause the grinding wheel not to edge, block or burn the workpiece, the abrasive grain used in the resin grinding wheel is finer, and the use of coarse grain will increase the loss(silicon carbide 180 grit). The resin binder is composed of a binder (resin) and various fillers. The binder is used to bond loose abrasives and consolidate into a certain shape.

The type and amount of filler have a great influence on the physical and mechanical properties of the binder(brown fused alumina). Therefore, the concentration of abrasive used for super-hard resin grinding wheels is relatively low, generally RVD is 25% ~ 100%, commonly used 75% ~ 100%; CBN is 75% ~ l50%(carborundum grit). Coarse-grained grinding wheels for rough grinding should use high concentration, Fine-grained grinding wheels for fine grinding use low concentrations.

The amount and type of filler must be selected reasonably so that the various ratios of the binder have excellent performance(100 grit aluminum oxide). As a binder used for resin abrasives, it must have the following properties. When the skin is damaged, it can be washed with a large amount of water, washed with alcohol, and then rubbed with 3% tannin solution and camphor oil(silicon carbide abrasive grit). When the damage is serious, it should be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately.

In addition, it is impossible to make an ideal abrasive with resin alone as a binder, because resin (such as phenol resin) has good bonding properties, but its brittleness is high and its mechanical properties are poor(brown aluminum oxide); the fluidity after heating is excellent, resulting in Molding is difficult. The best way is to add fillers properly to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the resin binder, such as strength, hardness, brittleness, etc.(black silicon carbide powder), and reduce its fluidity in the hot state.

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