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Best Aluminum Oxide For Glass Blasting Belgium

In order to improve the life of the oxygen converter lining and reduce the consumption of refractory materials(brown fused alumina), a reasonable refining operation system should also be carried out. There are many factors in the smelting operation and they are mutually restricted(150 grit aluminum oxide). The following aspects should be considered: control the slag well. When certain lining materials are used, the furnace lining plays a decisive role on the lining life.

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The SiO2 in the slag can cause strong erosion of the lining(brown aluminum oxide). The silicon content of the molten iron and the SiO2 content of other bulk materials must be limited. The slag alkalinity should also be controlled with a slagging agent. When the slag alkalinity is around 1.0, the erosion rate on the lining is the largest(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). When two layers of bricks are used as the working lining, it is best to use a checkerboard bite to work together.

Improve the quality of raw materials(brown aluminium oxide). When the furnace flooding alkalinity is greater than 1.0, as the alkalinity continues to increase, the erosion rate of the slag on the furnace lining will decrease rapidly, as shown in the figure. Control the temperature. In particular, the temperature of the oven and the furnace, if not handled properly(220 grit aluminum oxide), can not only cause cracks and spalling of the furnace lining, but also cause a furnace collapse accident in severe cases.

If the molten iron has a high sulfur content, it is best to perform hot metal desulfurization before the furnace(garnet abrasive). If the blowing end point is not controlled well, it will increase the number of times of blowing, increase the action time of the high temperature slag on the furnace village, and exacerbate the erosion of the slag on the lining(80 grit aluminum oxide). Spiral masonry does not require brick-locking and saves man-hours, and is especially suitable for detachable hearth converters.

The silicon content of the molten iron is also preferably controlled at 0.5% to 0.8%(garnet suppliers). Too large size scrap steel should be cut before entering the furnace, and it is also best to use soft burned active lime for the furnace. Controlling the correct oxygen supply system and reasonable oxygen lance structure can accelerate the slag forming process(fine grit aluminum oxide), reduce splashing and shorten the smelting time, and help reduce furnace village erosion.

Control the blowing end point(steel grid). Increasing the number of inversions will also increase the mechanical erosion of the furnace by the slag and metal, especially after blowing, between the permanent village and the working lining, which will cause the iron oxide in the slag to rise and exacerbate the damage to the furnace lining(180 grit aluminum oxide). Strengthen production management to prevent splashing during blowing to avoid premature damage to the furnace cap.

Shorten the time between the upper and lower furnaces(glass bead blasting media suppliers), not only can reduce the temperature fluctuation of the furnace lining, but also reduce the peeling of the furnace lining, thereby extending the life of the furnace lining. The lining of the chlorine converter lining is very important(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The fourth is simple to screed with alkaline refractory ramming material. The work lining of the furnace wall can be made of flat or spiral brick build.

In Germany and some countries in Western Europe(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), a 50 num thick layer is stamped to reduce the damage to the permanent lining and the furnace due to the expansion of the working lining. At the same time, after the working lining is completely damaged, refining a few furnaces of steel will not damage the water lining(240 grit aluminum oxide).The inner village of the bottom of the furnace is generally made of pear-shaped or cross-shaped bricks.

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