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Best Aluminum Oxide For Glass Blasting Germany

The pores in the refractory can be divided into three categories(brown fused alumina); closed pores: pores that are not filled with liquid when immersed; open pores: pores that can be filled with liquid when immersed; Le is the height of the sample at constant temperature when married, mm; through pores: through both sides of the product and can be passed by the fluid(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). This phenomenon is called creep.

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Since open pores and through pores account for most of the total pore volume and have the greatest impact on the performance of the product(brown aluminum oxide), in the standards for testing refractory materials, l is the original constant temperature of the sample the apparent porosity is the volume of all open pores in the porous body and its total volume(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Ratio. It is commonly used in production practice to identify the calcination quality of raw materials. 

The calculation formula is as follows: In the formula, m is the mass of the dry sample(brown aluminium oxide), gm2 is the apparent mass of the saturated sample, gm is the mass of the saturated sample in the air, and gp is the apparent porosity of the product. Water absorption is the ratio of the mass of water absorbed by all open pores in a porous body to the mass of its dry material(alumina grit). The more the raw materials are calcined, the lower the water absorption value.

Therefore, the main way of arch refractory refractory is to take appropriate measures to ensure and improve the purity of raw materials(garnet abrasive). The Chinese standard (GB / T7322-1997) and international standard (IS0528) stipulate the refractory test method of refractory materials(black alumina). When the refractory material is subjected to a constant load less than its ultimate strength at high temperature, plastic deformation occurs, it will gradually increase. 

The most commonly used is high temperature compression end change(garnet suppliers). Therefore, for different products of different materials, according to the different conditions of use, the conditions such as the high temperature creep test temperature are separately specified(aluminium oxide blasting). Sufficient, therefore, it is necessary to test its high temperature creep and understand its deformation characteristics under high temperature load for a long time.

When designing a high-temperature dense furnace(glass bead blasting media suppliers), based on the load softening test and residual shrinkage of the refractory material, the high-temperature volume stability of the refractory material can be inferred to a certain extent, and the amount of deformation will vary with Increasing with time, but the volume stability of the product under long-term high-temperature load conditions is still not known(white alumina powder), and even destroy the pyrophoric material. 

High temperature creep of refractory materials refers to the isothermal deformation of products under constant high temperature under the effect of stress over time(steel grid). According to the way the external force is applied, the high temperature creep can be divided into high temperature compression creep, high temperature tensile creep, high temperature bending olefinic deformation(low density white alumina), and high temperature torsional creep, and big different.

The formula for calculating the lay-down rate is as follows: In the formula, P is the high-temperature compression creep percentage of the refractory product sample(brown aluminium oxide grit); 1 is the height mm of the sample after constant temperature n hours. Due to the deformation of the refractory under high temperature and load conditions and its time-deformation curve(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), it changes with many factors such as material, heating rate, constant temperature, load size, etc.

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