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Best Aluminum Oxide For Glass Blasting Malaysia

At the same time, when the dust content and operating temperature are constant(white fused alumina), if clay bricks are used, the melting temperature of the reaction product is low, and the capillary is diffused to the inner depth through the capillary, and the erosion depth is large(aluminum oxide sandblasting media); In the case of high-alumina bricks, the bovine adult product has a higher melting temperature, and adheres to the surface of the bricks, and grows continuously.

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The hot blast stove is a relatively high structure, and its height is generally in the range of 25 ~ 50m(white aluminum oxide). In recent years, due to the use of new gas cleaning equipment, the gas dust content has been reduced to less than 10 mg / nm, so the degree of chemical erosion has been reduced(green silicon carbide). Therefore, under mechanical load and high filtration, the brickwork is prone to shrink deformation and cracks, which affects the service life of the hot blast stove, collapse and brick shedding damage.

This is due to the combined effect of temperature and load(white corundum). If the maximum static load of the lower part of the hot cell grid brick reaches 0.8MPa, the static load of the lower lining body of the combustion chamber can also reach 0.4 ~ 0.5 MPa, the pressure on the arch brick of the furnace roof is 0.02 ~ 0.2MPa(aluminum oxide abrasive). In addition, because the grid brick is in a four-sided heating state, the degree of chemical erosion is greater than that of the furnace wall lining.

In the area of 12 ~ 20m of the combustion chamber, the shrinkage is the largest(brown fused alumina price). Of course, the larger the diameter, the larger the load, but for a large hot air stove with a diameter of 12m, the load at room temperature is not very large. The shape brick of the hot air furnace dome roof, the chemical erosion of the dust in the blast furnace gas(emery abrasive); the load caused by its own weight under normal temperature is generally about 0.05 ~ 0.1MPa / cm.

Generally speaking, the shrinkage of the gray seam is large(black corundum). If only the shrinkage of the fire brick masonry is considered, the shrinkage of the brick masonry itself is 0.4% and 1.1% after 10 months and 4 years of use, that is, the shrinkage of the brick masonry itself increases with time. Big. The load is also related to the type of refractory(black silicon carbide). When using silicon bricks, the reaction products are volatile, the surface of the bricks is smooth, and the erosion is less.

However, when the temperature rises, the inner side of the wedge brick expands greatly, the outer side expands small, and the outer brick joints expand and expand(pink corundum). Stress is concentrated on the inner side due to the expansion of the brick, a thin glassy layer is formed on the surface of the bricks, which results in structural deformation(synthetic corundum). The higher the temperature of the hot blast stove and the larger the volume, the more serious this phenomenon is.

In summary, the hot blast furnace masonry is subjected to the high temperature of 1200 ~ 1350 ℃, the temperature changes sharply during the heat exchange process(silicon carbide abrasive); the scouring effect of the combustion gas: mechanical load and so on. Therefore, when people choose refractories for hot blast stoves, the general requirements are: low creep rate, large heat capacity, good high temperature strength and thermal stability, and good thermal shock resistance(aluminum oxide grit).

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