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Best Alumium Oxide For Glass Blasting South Korea

The longer the time, the better the smoothness(white fused alumina). Moisture, also known as humidity, refers to the ratio of the weight reduced when the base paper sample is dried to constant weight at a temperature of 100 ~ 105 ℃ to the original weight of the sample, expressed as a percentage(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The ratio of the weight of the residue of the ash base paper sample after burning to the weight of the dry sample is expressed as a percentage.

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Fiber ratio refers to the selection of pulp raw materials during papermaking(white aluminum oxide). For the strength of the base paper, it is more important that the coated abrasive must withstand a certain amount of tension when used(high purity fused aluminum oxide). Generally, the tensile strength in the longitudinal direction is greater than the transverse direction, and the tearing degree in the transverse direction is slightly greater than the longitudinal direction.

Different papers have different performance requirements and different fiber ratios(white corundum). In addition, there are sizing degree, whiteness, transparency, dustiness and so on. The production of coated abrasives is continuous, no matter what kind of base paper, if the strength is not good, it is easy to be broken during production, which is obviously not feasible(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). The greater the force, the higher the strength of the base paper.

The ratio of mixing several pulp raw materials is called fiber ratio(garnet abrasive). We can choose different amounts of base paper according to the strength requirements. Generally speaking, the larger the amount, the higher the strength. The indicators reflecting the strength include tensile strength, bursting resistance, tearing degree and folding resistance. Pay attention to this when making and using coated abrasives(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). The elongation of the base paper is not large relative to the cloth.

This index shows the heat resistance of the base paper(garnet suppliers). So that the grinding ability is quickly lost, so the elongation of the base paper should be small, generally the longitudinal elongation is controlled within 3 ~ 4%. Similarly, the lateral elongation of the paper is greater than the longitudinal direction, which should also be applied to coated abrasives Full attention(black silicon carbide factory). This is determined by the softness of the coated abrasive itself.

The softness of the base paper is mainly determined by the nature of the fiber itself, and it is also related to the tightness and thickness(steel grid). Small basis weight, small thickness; large basis weight, large thickness, small thickness, good flexibility; and large thickness, poor flexibility(black silicon carbide suppliers). If the elongation rate is too large, the coated abrasive will stretch when used, which will destroy its bond strength and the abrasive will fall off.

The tightness is large, the paper structure is compact and the strength is strong, but the flexibility is poor and it is easy to break(glass bead blasting media suppliers); on the contrary, the tightness is small and the paper structure is loose, although soft. But the strength is low. Therefore, moderate tightness should be selected(aluminium oxide 36 grit). Since the basis weight is different, but the tightness is moderate, the thickness of the base paper varies with the basis weight.

The indexes reflecting softness are mainly folding resistance and tearing degree(brown fused alumina grit). It should have a certain moisture-proof performance; the absorption, stretchability and air permeability of the coated abrasive paper should be small, and the wetting strength should be large, that is, it must have a certain moisture-proof performance to avoid moisture absorption deformation(corundum sand). Avoid the deformation of the rubber planting sand after drying.

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