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Best Aluminum Oxide For Glass Blasting Taiwan

As we all know, greatly reduce the heat transfer coefficient, increase energy consumption and cleaning workload(white fused alumina); the formation of a large amount of sodium-silica slag increases the amount of red mud, silicon mineral is the most harmful impurity in the production of alumina by alkaline method(low density white alumina). It includes opal, quartz and its hydrates, kaolinite, illite, codite, pyrophyllite, sericite, feldspar and other aluminous silicon. And other minerals.

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When dissolving silicon-containing minerals, it is firstly decomposed by alkali and enters the solution in the form of sodium silicate-dissolution reaction(white aluminum oxide); the sodium-silicon slag precipitates on the production equipment and pipelines, especially on the heat exchange surface Become scarring(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), then sodium silicate reacts with sodium aluminate solution to form hydrated sodium aluminosilicate (sodium-silica slag) into red mud-dehydration Silicon reaction.

Taking kaolinite as an example(white corundum), the two-phase reaction is as follows: Al2O3 · 2SiO2 · 2H20 + 6NaOH + aq— * 2NaAl (OH) 4 + 2Na2H2Si + Na2O, H2Si + 2NaAl (H) 4 + aqNa2O · Al2O3 · xSiO2 · nH2O + 2xNaOH + aq is called a dissolution reaction and a desiliconization reaction(brown fused alumina oxide). Burmese chlorite has a molecular formula of [FeAloSi3O1o (OH) 8 · nH20], which is an octahedral crystalline mineral: Fe2 in the molecular formula can be replaced by Mg2 +.

The existence of silicon minerals in arsenic bauxite is different, and their reactivity with sodium aluminate solution is also different(garnet abrasive). The hazards caused by silicon-containing minerals in production are: (causes the loss of Al2O3 and Na2O; the sodium-silicon slag enters aluminum hydroxide to reduce the quality of the finished produc(wholesale brown fused alumina)t; and may become a highly dispersed fine suspension, which is not conducive to the separation and washing of red mud .

Opal is amorphous and chemically active(garnet suppliers). It is not only easily soluble in NaOH, but also can be decomposed by NaaCO solution. The molecular formula of pyrophyllite is Al2 (SiuO1) (OH) 2, which can be completely decomposed by sodium aluminate solution only at a temperature above 150 ° C(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). Electron microscopy analysis revealed that pure kaolinite contains both flat and tubular structures, while compact kaolinite only has a flat structure.

Kaolinite is the main form of silica in bauxite(glass bead blasting media suppliers). It can react with lye at lower temperatures (70 ~ 95 ° C). Illite, also known as water muscovite, has a molecular formula of KAl2 [(Si · Al) 4O1o] (OH) 2 · nH2O. It can react clearly in a sodium aluminate solution with a Na2O concentration of 225g / L when the temperature reaches above 180 ° C (brown fused alumina suppliers); At a temperature of 250 ° C, it can be completely decomposed and transformed into sodium silica slag within 20min.

The approximate chemical formula is (Fe2 +, Mg, Fe2 +) sAI [AlSi3O10] (OH (0) 8. At 220 ° C, the Na2O concentration is 200g / 1(steel grid). The solution is still stable. When the bauxite is dissolved at 160 ~ 280 ° C The dissolution of fine chlorite is not significant. When dissolving, the solubility of Burmese chlorite varies with the degree of oxidation of iron in it(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The higher the degree of oxidation, the greater the stability of Burmese chlorite. Tectonic chlorite More stable than monoclinic systems.

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