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Best Aluminum Oxide For Glass Blasting Thailand

As the raw material of special white aluminum oxide refractories, alumina (light burned corundum) usually requires a particle size of 0.1-50um, which can be self grinded by ball mill or vibration mill. 0.21% ~ 0.23% Arabic gum is added to the raw material of pure corundum products; in addition to Arabic gum, 0.2% ~ 0.5% magnesia powder or 1% ~ 3% spinel powder is added to the high thermal shock stable white aluminium oxide super fine products.

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In addition, 1% ~ 3% chromium oxide powder is added to the burden of chrome corundum products, and 0.5% ~ 1.0% titanium oxide powder is added to the burden of titanium corundum products. In the composite toughened products, ZrO2 powder or SiC whisker should be added. Add the above ingredients to the ball mill to make slurry, and the ratio of ingredients is: aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit dry material: water: ceramic ball = 1:0.23-0.25:0.5.

Why does this white corundum phenomenon occur? In addition, Arabic gum with a mass fraction of 9% - 10% and a small amount of benzene (0.04%) were added as the pour point depressant of exhaust gas. It can also be vacuum treated. The most important of these properties is suspension. To this end, the following concepts are explained: Its pH = 7 and density is about 2.1-2.25g/cm. This is the first problem to be solved in the preparation of green silicon carbide powder suspension.

After 6-8h of mixing on the steel shot abrasive ball mill and 0.06mm sieve, the slurry for pouring is made. The slurry to be poured shall have the following properties: good suspension and fluidity, that is, the slurry shall have a small viscosity to facilitate pouring and make the slurry full of all corners of the gypsum mold. When the solid-liquid ratio of silicon carbide grit mud changes, its viscosity should not change too much, so as to pour out the excess mud after pouring.

The absorption rate of mud water by gypsum mold should be moderate, so as to control the injection thickness. After the brown aluminum oxide sandblasting surface of the injection piece is dry, it is easy to separate from the gypsum mold, so as to facilitate the mold unloading. The injection parts shall have enough strength after mold removal. It can make the aluminum oxide blasting media injection parts reach as high density as possible, and the air content in the mud is as small as possible.

Only when this problem is solved can the quality of suspension be effectively controlled: two situations can be clearly seen. The first is that the white fused alumina material particles settle down and pile up at the bottom; the second is that the material does not settle in the water, forming a turbid suspension. The suspension phenomenon of black silicon carbide powder particles in water is similar to that of alumina particles after acid treatment, or purchased from the market. 

When 30%, 40% or even 50% water is added to the container with low sodium white fused alumina materials, in 1809, Perce first found that the clay particles dispersed in water moved to the anode due to power on, and realized that the clay particles are negatively charged. Indicates the potential difference (colloidal chemistry is called electromotive potential) from the adsorption layer BB to the medium internal CC, that is, the brown aluminum oxide 16 grit potential difference in the diffusion layer.

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