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Best Artificial Corundum Suppliers In UAE

white aluminum oxide abrasive is also a kind of artificial abrasive. It has a wide range of application and good grinding function, especially for steel with high hardness and toughness, such as stainless steel, high vanadium high-speed steel and other hard grinding alloys. In abrasive unique, known as high-quality white fused aluminium oxide abrasive.

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In terms of physical and chemical properties, white fused alumina has the following advantages: High Purity: compared with brown corundum, the content of Al2O3 in single crystal corundum is usually over 98.5%, which is equivalent to white corundum. More than 99% of single crystal corundum is also easily obtained. High strength: among pink fused alumina abrasives, microhardness and compressive strength are the highest, usually 11% higher than that of brown corundum.

(best artificial corundum suppliers in uae)If the block size is more than 30mm, it is 0. Good particle shape: the shape of single crystal corundum abrasive particles is very good, most of them are equiaxed crystals, the ratio of width to length of particles (that is, the ratio of long axis to short axis) is more than 1 / 3, less than 8%, and the number of single crystals is also higher than other abrasives, 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media which can reach more than 80%.

However, the production of white aluminum oxide produces toxic hydrogen sulfide gas, which is a major drawback, and the rate of finished product is very low, so that the unit power consumption of the product is about half times higher than that of corundum, and the total production cost is 145% of that of corundum, almost equal to that of white corundum, so the production scale of monocrystal corundum is not as large as that of corundum and fused aluminium oxide.(best artificial corundum suppliers in uae)

The three raw materials, bauxite, iron filings, carbon and recycled materials for Corundum manufacturing must be processed to meet the requirements of corundum smelting. The purpose of proportioning process is to crush and screen qualified raw materials to meet the requirements of aluminium oxide grit suppliers smelting process. In addition, bauxite roasting should be an important process for proportioning, but when buying cooked bauxite, there is no roasting process.

(best artificial corundum suppliers in uae)The following five process principles are the criteria for the batching process: the incoming chrome corundum materials must meet the quality standards, and the processing method of unqualified materials shall not be set. The carbon materials imported from cooked bauxite shall be anthracite, and the iron chips shall be cast iron chips. The white aluminum oxide blast media block size of bauxite entering the plant is less than 340mm, and after processing, the block size is less than 20mm.

All these superior properties make white fused aluminum oxide irreplaceable. If the block size is 20-5mm ≥ 80%. If the block size is 5mm, the block size of recycled material is less than 200mm. The processing block size is controlled by the sieve grate with an aperture of 200. In addition, the reaction ability between aluminium oxide blasting and the bond of grinding wheel is moderate, and the self sharpening property is good in the grinding process.(best artificial corundum suppliers in uae)

Therefore, it is necessary for the black aluminum oxide media manufacturer to set up a batching system. After processing, the block size is less than 20 mm, 0 for more than 30 mm, 20-5 mm ≥ 82%, the block size of 5 mm anthracite is less than 300 mm, and 0 for more than 9 mm, 5-1 mm ≥ 84%, and 1 mm is less than 10%. The white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit incoming block size of cast iron chips is less than 20 mm (refers to the maximum length), after screening: 20 ~ 1 mm ≥ 90%, 1 mm ≤ 3%.

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