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Best Black Alumina Suppliers In Indonesia

On the other hand, if there is excess titanium oxide (TiO2) in aluminum oxide abrasive, it cannot remain in the glass phase, but reacts with alumina to form aluminum titanate (TiO2 (Al2O3)). Aluminum titanate is the third phase at the interface between α-alumina grains and glass phase, aluminium oxide blasting grit which will weaken the glass phase between α-alumina grains.

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The difference in thermal expansion coefficient between the three phases also causes cracks between the grains during heating. Most of the silica in ochre-corundum is found in the glass phase. The typical TiO2: SiO2 ratio of typical brown fused alumina is 2.5: 1 to 6: 1. Most of titanium dioxide exists as a solid solution of α-alumina grains. During the reduction process in the furnace, a part of TiO2 is reduced to a titanium oxide (Ti2O3). The brown fused alumina price selective scattering of light by such small particles is called the "Tyndall effect".

(best black alumina suppliers in indonesia)Attention must be paid to the proportions of the titanium dioxide and alumina melting mixtures to keep them in the form of technically compatible white alumina. At the same time, TiO2 in brown corundum cannot be over-reduced. The amount of Ti2O3 dissolved is very important for the calcined color and toughness of pink aluminum oxide. The brown corundum calcined color is a reproducible quality mark for consumers and manufacturers of brown corundum.

It is then wrapped in alpha-alumina grains. After the brown aluminum oxide is calcined in an oxidizing atmosphere, the brown particles of the brown corundum become blue, and the solid solution of Ti2O3 causes the blue color to appear. Ti2O3 is the only oxide that titanium can dissolve in α-alumina grains. At the same time, TiO2 is the oxide with the best thermodynamic stability of titanium. Above 1000 ° C, oxygen can diffuse into silicon carbide abrasive grains and oxidize Ti2O3 to more stable TiO2.(best black alumina suppliers in indonesia)

If the nucleus of T iO2 is allowed to grow to about 0.1 μm, they will not only scatter blue light anymore, but all wavelengths of the scattered light, the heat-treated brown aluminium oxide will become light gray. The core of TiO2 continues to coalesce and grows at a temperature-dependent rate. Once titanium dioxide grains reach 0.01 to 0.1 μ in size, they begin to scatter light similar to colloidal suspensions. This selective scattering of blue light at a shorter wavelength makes the green silicon carbide grains blue.

(best black alumina suppliers in indonesia)Only black silicon carbide containing solid solution titanium oxide (Ti2O3) will appear calcined blue. Brown fused alumina with low Ti2O3 content does not turn blue. The secondary brown corundum uses high-quality bauxite as the main raw material, and uses various processing methods such as purification, impurity removal, crystallization, separation, crushing, magnetic separation, and sieving in an arc smelting furnace at a high temperature above 2200 ° C. Products, aluminum oxide grit in which the content of AL2O3 is ≥85%.

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