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Best Black Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Price Portugal

This operation needs to be carried out 48 hours after the furnace is shut down. There are two basic methods for brown fused alumina furnace classification. One is the furnace classification method, in which the secondary product layer is removed without splitting the crystal cylinder, and then the crystal cylinder is split for separation. The advantage is that the waste of the first-class white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit product crystal block fragmentation is very little.

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The other is the off furnace classification method, that is, the white aluminium oxide crystal block is taken down first and moved to a site outside the furnace for classification. This method is due to the transportation The collision of transport, a lot of fragmentation of the first-class products, resulting in waste. The crystallizing cylinder is the silicon carbide layer and amorphous layer formed in the smelting process. Generally, its cross section is round or oval, and the center part is the old white fused aluminum oxide furnace core and the decomposed graphite.

(best black aluminium oxide wholesale price portugal)The brown aluminum oxide layer is in the shape of cylinder, and its thickness is between 150-400 mm (maximum power: 4000kW) according to the furnace power. The strength is not high, and there are several transverse cracks. The crystallizing block without cracks can be easily perpendicular to the furnace core with a hammer Generally, the higher the white aluminum oxide blast media content in the charge is, the higher the strength of the crystallizer is

The crystal layer and the decomposing graphite layer are separated easily in some furnaces. Some pink corundum furnace graphite or semi decomposing graphite grow on the wall of the crystal cylinder. They can only be removed after careful cleaning. When the furnace charge is too much silicon, the crystal layer will form "white hair", when the carbon is too much, it will be needle like crystal with small carbon particles; sometimes the outer layer of the aluminum oxide grit crystal cylinder will appear rust colored crystal.(best black aluminium oxide wholesale price portugal)

The first-class products in the same furnace are There are different colors of black and green. Generally speaking, the white corundum surface layer strength of the green silicon carbide crystallizer is low, and the quality of different parts of the crystallizer is different. Generally, the less the SiC content of the outer layer is, the smaller the crystal size is. When the crystal block is lifted, the graphite on the inner wall of the crystal block shall be removed with a spade or shovel, and then moved to the stage for black silicon carbide further classification.

(best black aluminium oxide wholesale price portugal)The above should be strictly separated during silicon carbide abrasive grading. Furnace classification method: lay iron plates on both sides of the furnace; use the classification shovel to shovel off the amorphous and secondary silicon carbide at the same time; clean the crystallizer, and manually gather the fine crystallizer to pile up, so as to lift it with the grab bucket Transport away and store in a centralized way for crushing and aluminum oxide abrasive processing. Lifting the crystal block.

The crystals that do not meet the brown fused aluminum oxide requirements of the first grade silicon carbide shall be cut off with an axe, mainly including a large number of carbon particles, too concentrated "white hairs" (white fiber shape) and serious needle shaped crystal blocks. The graphite attached to the crystal block shall be further cleaned with a steel brush. Green If there is black primary silicon carbide in the primary green silicon carbide product crystal block of the furnace, it should be separated.(best black aluminium oxide wholesale price portugal)

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