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Best Black Fused Alumina Suppliers In Sweden

aluminium oxide grit suppliers have an important status and role in mechanical processing, and are inseparable from the characteristics of grinding processing. In the process, the black aluminum oxide abrasive grains can be in a free state or a consolidated state; it can be processed by motor or manually. black aluminum oxide abrasives are mainly used in grinding, grinding and polishing.

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brown fused alumina abrasive grinding has the following main characteristics: It is determined that each black corundum abrasive has tens of thousands or even more than 100,000 abrasive grains, and a piece of black corundum grinding wheel with a size of 300 * 32 * 75 has a weight of about 5 kg, except for 15% of the binding agent, how big the number of white aluminum oxide blast media abrasive particles in each wheel will be.

(best black fused alumina suppliers in sweden)The brown fused aluminum oxide grains with cutting function have unique properties. Among the three different forms of machining methods, grinding is the most widely used and most important machining method. The cutting speed of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit abrasive particles is extremely high. The cutting chips removed by each abrasive cutting edge are very small. 

These brown aluminum oxide particles can be regarded as a small milling cutter. Therefore, The process of black corundum grinding wheels participating in grinding can be regarded as the process of a large number of milling cutters grinding at the same time. The number of black corundum abrasive grains involved in cutting during honing is extremely large, and the aluminium oxide blasting grinding wheel contains a large number of abrasive grains.

(best black fused alumina suppliers in sweden)The white aluminium oxide grains have high hardness, so it can smoothly cut hard workpieces. Black corundum abrasive grains have good thermal stability and will not lose cutting performance at high temperatures. At the same time, black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media grains have a certain degree of brittleness, and can be broken under the action of grinding force, thereby renewing their cutting edges.

During grinding, the number of cutting edges of the brown aluminium oxide particles is large. Therefore, even under the condition of high grinding efficiency, the grinding of one cutting edge The chip volume is also only 0.01-0.0001 cubic millimeters. When fine grinding, the volume of each chip is smaller. In milling, the chip volume of each cutter tooth is generally 40 cubic millimeters, white fused aluminum oxide which is much larger than the volume of abrasive chips.(best black fused alumina suppliers in sweden)

During grinding, the speed of the peripheral surface of the pink aluminum oxide grinding wheel is extremely high, and the contact time between the cutting edge of the abrasive particles and the workpiece is extremely short, generally 0.001 second to 0.0001 second. In such a short time, cutting chips will cause strong friction between the chrome corundum grains and the workpiece, and sharp plastic deformation, so a large amount of grinding heat will be generated.

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