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Then, the average energy input into the electrolytic cell under the two methods is close, but the energy input of the second method is more uniform than that of the first method(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale). In other words, since there is no electrolyte crust around the new start-up tank in the early stage, the furnace cavity is insulated, the heat dissipation is large, and the inner lining absorbs heat in the early stage(aluminium oxide blast media). 

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The high-temperature flue gas combustion technology developed by Guangxi Branch of aluminum service company of China and Chongqing University emphasizes that the high-temperature flue gas generated by fuel combustion is used to heat the aluminum electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide), and the oxygen content of high-temperature flue gas is reduced through the optimal design of key devices(burner and distribution chamber)(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale).

As the operating time is extended, the furnace face gradually forms, and a stable furnace bottom heat balance has been established(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale). This situation shall be prevented when the first method above is adopted for the maintenance of tank voltage(aluminum oxide blast media). Once this situation occurs, it is easy to lead to the formation of abnormal furnace particles, which seriously affects the normal production period of electrolytic machinery.

Take a 16kA electrolytic capacitor as an example, the insulation parts and insulation materials are shown in the table(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). The stability of the crust on the furnace side and the regularity of the furnace particles are highly required, otherwise it may cause side damage or extremely difficult to replace(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Therefore, it is inevitable to form a super-cooled or hot-slot furnace cavity during the establishment of the new furnace pellets(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale).

According to the production practice experience(aluminum oxide supplier), the width of large-scale pre grill with middle point blanking is 280 ~ 350mm, the width of small-scale processing surface is 400 ~ 450mm, and the width of the middle seam of two rows of anode carbon blocks is 120 ~ 180mm(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale). Therefore, the new starting tank must maintain a sufficient furnace bottom temperature in the early stage(rather than direct flame heating)(white fused alumina manufacturers).

During this period(white aluminium oxide powder), the cathode village is still in the endothermic stage(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale). The above coke particle wall firing start-up method overcomes some shortcomings of liquid aluminum firing start-up (especially the adverse impact of liquid aluminum firing start-up method on the service life of large fine cell), and has the advantages of short time, high efficiency and beneficial impact on electrolytic pants(how to choose white fused alumina). Quantity of heat, so the voltage needs to be kept high.

Because the liquid aluminum alkene burning method has a great impact on the service life of the electrolytic cell, the liquid aluminum burning method is now ditch eliminated on the large pre culture tank, To avoid the oxidation of cathode by flame and flue gas itself(garnet abrasive suppliers). In addition, it will bring crack, slope explosion, pit starting and other hazards to the inner village of the cathode, resulting in early damage of the electrolytic cell(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale).

It is required to pave and compact the materials in two layers to meet the compactness and friction required by the design(sandblasting sand), and then measure 9 points according to the pre drawn datum line(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale). The horizontal error shall not be greater than ± 2rm / m, and the height error shall not be greater than 1.5mm(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). If it exceeds the standard, it can be sorted out, and the installation size of cathode carbon block group shall be ensured.

In addition, the heat expenditure of the electrolytic cell is large, coupled with the high electrolyte molecular ratio, its primary crystallization temperature is also high(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Although there is a high voltage to maintain the heat income in the early stage, the furnace bottom is still prone to supercooling, resulting in the precipitation of electrolyte at the furnace bottom(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale). Therefore, the furnace bottom crust is formed over time(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit).

The method is to appropriately increase the effect coefficient, and the high heat generated by the effect can promptly cultivate the furnace bottom precipitation and keep the furnace bottom clean(brown fused alumina for abrasive). This kind of groove has a large amount of aluminum loss, second, it is easy to have side leakage, which greatly reduces the current efficiency, and third, it is easy to burn through the side and cause side leakage grooves(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale).

The effect coefficient of large-scale pre-cultivation tanks in my country is currently controlled at medium 03 times/day during the normal production period(vietnam aluminum oxide), while the first month of the new tank is generally maintained at Q.8~1L5 the next day (if the ellipsoidal voltage remains high, the effect coefficient will be It should be lower)(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale). If too much heat is input, it will not be beneficial to the establishment of the furnace cavity(brown fused alumina suppliers).

In recent years, the structure and installation dimensions of anode steel claws have affected the following aspects(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale): load carrying capacity, the larger the steel claw size and the deeper the installation, the larger the contact area with the carbon block (including the peripheral contact area and the degree of contact), The stronger the ability to withstand the load(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). This process belongs to the natural formation of face protection.

It grows into a crust, which makes the electrolytic cell difficult to manage(abrasive blasting grit). In order to maintain production, the operating voltage of the cell has to be increased. Since the above two methods seem to have major differences, if the first method needs to maintain a higher effect coefficient, and the second method uses a lower effect coefficient(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers), then the average cell voltage under the two methods may not Too big a difference(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale).

An important sign that the electrolytic inspection has entered the normal production stage(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale): various technical conditions have reached the range of normal production, and a regular and stable cavity is established along the inner wall of the tank(aluminum oxide blast media canada). At the same time, the amount of steel used, obviously, the larger the size of the steel claw, the larger the amount of steel used, and the weight of the anode also increases(white aluminum oxide blast media).

The important task of new start-up and abnormal production management is to make the electrolytic cell establish a stable and regular in cell type(green silicon carbide). Three different types of Gui Nao: the side stretched legs are big and long, extending below the anode, the cold surface of the furnace is easy to precipitate, the electrolyte temperature is too low and sticky(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), the lead oxide solubility is poor, and the bottom of the furnace is long(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale).

Bianbu sister wheat is thin and short, even without a waist(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale). The fluids and electrolytes are drained very openly, and they are in direct contact with Bianbu Neimura(wholesale brown fused alumina). The side extension legs of the normal sleeve are evenly distributed on the edge of the anode orthographic projection, the aluminum liquid is squeezed in the center of the tank, and the current passes through in a straight line from the anode to the cathode(white fused alumina for refractory).

At present, the pre-cultivation tanks in our country are all central automatic feeding pre-cultivation tanks(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). Except for a small part when changing the anode, the rest of the time is not moved in principle. The large surface of the electrolytic tank is tightly sealed by the tank cover, and the furnace face is fully sealed(best black silicon carbide grit wholesale). The electrolyte itself crystallizes by controlling the temperature and the natural heat dissipation from the edges(china brown fused alumina manufacturers).

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