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Best Black Synthetic Corundum Suppliers New Zealand

There are two purposes of aluminum oxide grit smelting process, one is to recrystallize bauxite after melting to obtain α - corundum needed by abrasive industry, the other is to use carbon as reducing agent to reduce impurities so as to improve the aluminium oxide grit suppliers composition of products. These three kinds of reactions occur between molten liquid and solid carbon after bauxite melting.

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Although carbon monoxide can also reduce silicon carbide price, iron oxide and titanium oxide, the above reactions before bauxite melting are slight for corundum smelting, so it is not necessary to study the solid-gas phase reaction carefully. Since the chemical reaction is carried out after the bauxite melts, the melting point of bauxite has a great influence on the white aluminum oxide blast media reaction process.(best black synthetic corundum suppliers new zealand)

Generally, the melting point of white fused alumina is above 1850 ℃, so the reduction reaction is carried out at a temperature above 1850 ℃, but there is no special requirement for the melting point of bauxite. This is because the melting point of bauxite is related to its grade. When the reduction of iron oxide progresses to a very low concentration of iron oxide, aluminum oxide abrasive is reduced. It sinks due to the different proportion with the molten solution. 

(best black synthetic corundum suppliers new zealand)The higher the grade, the higher its melting point. With the requirement of white aluminum oxide grade, high melting point is guaranteed. In the smelting process, due to the gradual purification of the composition of the molten liquid, the melting point is also increasing, which makes the hearth temperature rise. This is good for green carborundum smelting. The above three chemical reactions are reduction of iron oxide, silicon oxide and titanium oxide.

When the bauxite melts, the reduction of iron oxide occurs around the white corundum particles, and a large amount of carbon monoxide gas is produced. The reduction of silicon oxide is carried out with the participation of the newly reduced iron, so ferroalloy is formed after reduction; the white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit reduction of titanium oxide is also carried out with the participation of iron, so ferroalloy is also formed after titanium reduction.(best black synthetic corundum suppliers new zealand)

After the reduction of titanium oxide in silicon oxide, the partial reduction of brown fused alumina price occurs when titanium oxide is reduced to a certain extent. The metallic aluminum also enters the ferroalloy, because the reduction of aluminum is also carried out with the participation of iron. A series of reduction reactions take place around the silicon carbide companies particles to form a complex ferroalloy. Finally, the ferrosilicon layer is formed at the bottom of the furnace.

(best black synthetic corundum suppliers new zealand)Since ferroalloy and furnace liquid are two phase systems, when iron, silicon, titanium and white alumina are reduced to form ferroalloy, they are separated from the original reaction system, so as to ensure the continuous reduction reaction. On the other hand, due to reduction reaction, the concentration of various oxides around the carbon particles decreases rapidly, so they are in the chrome corundum furnace liquid It naturally causes the difference of oxide concentration.

As is known to all, the oxides in the pink corundum furnace liquid continuously approach the carbon particles through the diffusion of liquid molecules until the carbon oxidation is completed. The newly formed ferroalloy is microsomal. In the sinking movement, the ferroalloy which gathers large particles due to the contact between the alloy particles, the aluminium oxide blasting particles are larger and larger, and the sinking speed is faster and faster.(best black synthetic corundum suppliers new zealand)

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