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When AF is added under electrolytic conditions, the primary crystal temperature of electrolyte decreases obviously(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey); AIF has no melting point. Adding MGF, CAF or LIF to the electrolyte can reduce its volatility, but with the decrease of molar ratio (adding AIF), the volatility of the electrolyte increases(aluminium oxide blasting media). The higher the vapor pressure at the same temperature, the greater the volatility of the liquid, and vice versa. 

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The influence of alumina is more complicated(aluminium oxide blasting grit). In the case of higher molar ratio or higher alumina content, the interfacial tension hardly changes with alumina content; while in the range of lower molar ratio and lower alumina content, the interfacial tension varies with alumina content. Their respective properties and functions are described as follows(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). As the content of alumina increases, the wettability becomes better.

LiF, CaF, Mgf and other additives can increase the electrolyte-aluminum interfacial tension, and the order of their influence from small to large is LiF, CaF, MgF2(alumina blasting). And for carbon materials, the order of wettability from good to bad is(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey): calcined anthracite, petroleum coke and pitch coke, semi-graphite or semi-graphitized material, and fully graphitized material. The effect of temperature is more obvious for amorphous carbon. 

The better the wettability of the electrolyte to the carbon material, the more conducive to the discharge of anode gas and the reduction of anode polarization, but this will increase the corrosion of the electrolyte to the carbon cathode and the carbon lining of the electrolytic cell, and it is also not conducive to the carbon in the electrolyte(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). The volatility of the electrolyte decreases with the increase of alumina content(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). 

What are the main components of the electrolyte of industrial aluminum electrolytic cell and what are the main functions of each component(150 grit aluminum oxide)? Cryolite and aluminum fluoride are the main components of electrolyte and the solvent of alumina(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). In addition to the nature of the material, temperature has a greater influence on the wettability, and as the temperature increases, the wettability becomes better(white aluminium oxide). Slag separation.

The content increases and decreases(corundum sand). The electrolyte of industrial aluminum electrolytic cell usually contains about 80% ice stone, 6% - L3% aluminum fluoride and 2% - 3% alumina, as well as an appropriate amount of calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride or lithium fluoride(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). The content of alumina also affects the wettability of the electrolyte(black corundum). The manufacturing cost and price are low enough that using it can bring economic benefits. 

The vapor pressure of the electrolyte increases with increasing temperature(240 grit aluminum oxide). The addition of MgF and CaF is conducive to the convergence of the molten aluminum dispersed in the electrolyte(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). The wettability of the electrolyte to the carbon material is related to the crystal type of the carbon material(glass bead abrasive). In the presence of aluminum in the electrolyte, the volatility is about 18 times higher than that without aluminum.

The interfacial tension of pure cryolite is about 481ml/m at 1031℃(aluminum oxide abrasive media). As the molar ratio decreases, the interfacial tension decreases significantly. Volatility is usually expressed by the vapor pressure of the substance under certain conditions, and the unit is Pa(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). In order to adjust the electrolyte composition, sodium chloride needs to be added(pink aluminum oxide). Caf is often added at 4% ~ 10% (mass fraction) of the total electrolyte. 

According to experiments, the vapor pressure of cryolite melt is 466.627 Pa at 1000°C and 2173.15 Pa at 1100°C(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). When the temperature reaches the boiling point, the vapor pressure is equal to the atmospheric pressure, and the electrolyte boils. The volatility of an electrolyte refers to the degree to which its molecules escape (evaporate) in a gaseous state at a temperature below the boiling point of the electrolyte(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). 

The electrolyte has low volatility, which not only reduces its volatilization loss, thereby reducing the consumption of raw materials and reducing production costs(aluminum oxide blasting grit); it improves working conditions and reduces environmental pollution due to the reduction of harmful emissions. In the presence of aluminum, the wettability is also improved(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). What is the volatility of an electrolyte, and what factors affect it mainly? 

Calcium chloride (CAF) has face centered cubic structure, lattice constant an = 0.54626mm, melting point 1423 ℃(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). There are two ways to express surface tension(steel shot abrasive): one way is to use the force required to offset the contraction of the surface unit length, the unit is NVm; the other way is to use the work required to form a unit surface area, the unit is m/ m(silicon carbide powder). It is always required that the less volatile the electrolyte is, the better. 

AIF is volatile, and the water and other impurities brought in by raw materials react with AIF to cause losses(alumina grit). During normal production, the pH of electrolyte will change continuously and the molar ratio will rise automatically. Therefore, AIF often needs to be supplemented(garnet blasting media). Only when the new electrolytic cell is started, the electrolyte molar ratio decreases due to the selective absorption of NaF by carbon materials(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). 

In particular, the ideal additive should meet the following conditions(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey): it will not participate in the electrochemical reaction in the electrolysis process, and will not electrolyze the elements contained therein to reduce the purity of aluminum; It can improve the properties of electrolyte without greatly reducing the dissolution rate and solubility of alumina in electrolyte(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive); Its water absorption and volatility are small enough. 

Because it can reduce the density of electrolyte, it is conducive to the stratification of electrolyte and liquid aluminum(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey); AIF reduces the interfacial tension between electrolyte and molten aluminum and reduces the viscosity of electrolyte, which is conducive to improving the ion migration speed, but will aggravate the movement of electrolyte and accelerate the precipitation of alumina to the bottom of the tank(silicon carbide grit). 

When heated to 1276 ℃, its vapor pressure reaches 101325pa (LATM) and sublimates directly(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). As a natural mineral or some industrial by-product, calcium fluoride has a wide range of sources and low price(best brown aluminium oxide suppliers turkey). It is widely used in modern aluminum electrolysis(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). At present, the additives commonly used in industry that can basically meet the above conditions are aluminum fluoride, calcium chloride, magnesium fluoride, lithium fluoride, etc. 

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