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Best Brown Aluminum Oxide Grit Suppliers Pakistan

After cooling, cut the hole from the diameter of the hole, observe the erosion of the slag on the refractory, and get a qualitative result(aluminum oxide abrasive). The disadvantage is that the chemical composition of slag changes rapidly, the viscosity increases, and there is no flow erosion. Leaching method(white fused aluminum oxide). After immersion for a certain period of time, take out and observe the erosion, measure the volume change and calculate the erosion percentage.

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The refractory products to be tested are cut into test blocks of a certain shape, which can be 6 or 9(black silicon carbide). Built in a small rotary furnace, the furnace body can be tilted freely and the rotating speed is 0 ~ 10R / min. Heat to test mixture with gas. Add a certain amount of slag in a certain period of time, and depending on the slag corrosion, the slag will be poured out for a period of time(brown fused aluminium oxide). It is also known as the rotating bar method.

After cooling, the test blocks are disassembled and cut vertically along the length direction of the test blocks(green silicon carbide). The thickness changes of the test blocks before and after the test are measured and the amount of slag erosion is calculated. Dynamic method includes rotary slag erosion, rotary leaching, olivine slag, high mixed slag dropping and induction furnace(white fused alumina price). The disadvantage is that the equipment is complex and expensive.

This is a better test method for dynamic determination of slag resistance of refractories, which is characterized by intuition, strong contrast and good repeatability(brown fused alumina). The disadvantage is that the atmosphere in the furnace is difficult to control and the thickness measurement of the test block is not easy to master after the test(brown fused alumina manufacturer). The refractory products are cut into round bars and immersed in slag under the specified mixing degree.

Induction furnace method(brown aluminum oxide). Different from the impregnation method, the round bar sample is taken out after being immersed in the slag for a certain period of time to observe the erosion. After cooling, cut 38mm from the lower edge of the sample, measure the width and depth of slag erosion, and measure the volume of erosion(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). After cooling, the section of the village was cut open and the erosion was observed and compared.

Slagging method(brown aluminium oxide). The refractory material is cut into a rectangular sample, placed in an electric furnace, heated to the test temperature, a certain amount of slag is evenly distributed on the center of the top surface of the sample in several times through a quartz tube, kept warm for a certain time, after cooling(brown fused alumina for abrasive), the volume change of the sample before and after the slag erosion is measured, and the erosion percentage is calculated.

The slag is pressed into rod shape and inserted into the test furnace with the refractory sample heated at an angle of 10 ° with the horizontal surface(white aluminium oxide). The corroded surface of the sample leans against the furnace wall at an angle of 30 ° with the horizontal surface(aluminium oxide for blasting). When heated to the test temperature, the slag bar melts and moves forward continuously, so that the slag drops on the corroded surface of the sample and erodes into a groove.

The refractory to be tested is made into a small induction furnace lining(silicon carbide abrasive), placed in the induction ring, added with a certain amount of metal, and then added with a certain amount of slag after melting, and kept at the test temperature for a certain period of time(aluminum oxide grit). This method is better, characterized by intuitionistic, strong contrast and easy to control the atmosphere in the furnace, expressed in mm or%. 

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