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The current use of diversion tank, vertical electrolytic tank with wettable cathode and inert anode, or multi chamber electrolytic tank with bipolar electrode may reduce the energy consumption of existing electrolytic methods by another 1 / 3 to 10000 ~ 11000kwh / T - Al crystallization chemistry(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). The crystal lattice structure makes the crystal diffract X-ray, neutron flow and electron flow(aluminium oxide blasting media). 

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The following basic concepts are important for understanding the structure of molten salt(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). Bulk defect: it is reflected in the presence of cavities, bubbles, inclusions, sediments, etc. in the crystal. The positive ion vacancies and gap atoms caused by the movement of atoms in the crystal are called Frenkel defects(white aluminum oxide blast media), and the defects with the coexistence of positive and negative ion vacancies are called schouky defects(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). 

The distance from the anode bottom palm to the surface of molten aluminum is called pole distance, which is generally 4 ~ 5cm(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). It is a compound formed by the combination of positive and negative ions(china brown fused alumina manufacturers).  This law is called short-range law or short-range order. In the gas, there is neither long-range order nor short-range order. Many important properties of the crystal are produced by defects(aluminum oxide wholesale). The distance from the anode to the cathode (pole distance L).

E-600 ~ 1500kj / mol, strong binding force, reflecting the high melting point of this ionic bond material(aluminum oxide blasting media). It is generally formed by less electronegative metal elements and more electronegative non-metallic elements. Positive and negative ions are combined by electrostatic force(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). This chemical bond is called ionic bond(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). Ionic bonds mostly exist in substances composed of metal elements and non-metallic elements.

In this way, the structure shows that ions strive to coordinate with more ions with opposite charges around them, so as to reduce the energy of the system(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). The strength of electrostatic force between positive and negative ions can be expressed by lattice energy. Among them, X-ray method is the most important. It has determined the structure of more than 100000 kinds of crystals(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). It is the main source of material spatial structure data.

Crystal defects affect the properties of the crystal and can reduce some excellent properties of the crystal(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). However, from the perspective that defects can change the properties of the crystal, the properties of the crystal can be changed by causing various defects in the crystal(vietnam aluminum oxide). It is composed of the total voltage drop of three parts(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers): the aluminum liquid layer, the cathode carbon block, and the cathode conductive steel rod. 

Therefore, it is also pointed out that ionic crystals can be regarded as the accumulation of unequal diameter spheres(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). In most cases, anions are larger than cations(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand). It can be considered that anions form a dense accumulation of spheres, and cations are in octahedral or tetrahedral voids formed by dense accumulation(how to choose white fused alumina). The coordination number of cations is generally 6 or 4, and the coordination number of anions is 3, 8 or 12.

The expression of lattice energy of general binary compounds can be obtained as follows(garnet abrasive suppliers): whether the lattice energy can be measured directly by experiment, but through experiment, the data such as sublimation heat, ionization energy, dissociation energy, electron affinity energy and formation heat can be measured by BOM Haber cycle, and the lattice energy can be calculated according to the nature that the internal energy is a state function(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers).

Cathode voltage drop(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). The typical cathode voltage drop data is 0.45V, which occupies more than 11% of the cell voltage(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). Therefore, efforts to improve the conductivity of the cathode carbon block is an important direction for energy saving(green silicon carbide). Graphite carbon block is the product with the smallest resistivity in the cathode carbon block, but its wear resistance is poor, which affects the life of the cathode and therefore the life of the cell.

For the cathode conductive steel rod(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), increasing the conductive area and changing the shape of the rod (such as a round double rod) is beneficial to increase the conductive area, reduce the contact resistance and reduce the stress damage between the rod and the carbon block, which is beneficial to prolong the life of the tank(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). The low alumina concentration used in the process is beneficial to increase the conductivity(white fused alumina manufacturers).

This kind of internal atoms or molecules arranged in a periodic law is the most basic feature of the crystal structure, which makes the crystal have the following common characteristics(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers): uniformity, anisotropy, spontaneous formation of a polyhedral shape, a clearly defined melting point, and a specific symmetry Sex and diffract X-rays(wholesale brown fused alumina). By changing the form and number of crystal defects, the crystal with the required properties can be prepared.

Graphite carbon block coated with titanium boride is ideal, which can reduce the resistivity of the cathode and prolong the life of the electrolytic cell(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). In NaCl crystals, whether it is Na ions or CT ions, their arrangement has both short-range order and long-range order: the microstructure of amorphous and liquid is characterized by short-range order (arranged regularly in a very small range) ) Without remote disorder(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). 

The arrangement of quasi-crystal particles should be remotely ordered, but does not reflect periodic repetition, that is, there is no lattice structure(brown fused alumina manufacturers). There are defects in the actual crystal. Crystal defects can be divided into point defects, line defects, surface defects and volume defects according to their geometric forms(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). Point defects(sandblasting sand): including vacancies, impurity atoms, interstitial atoms, dislocation atoms and variable valence atoms, etc.

In near-amorphous crystals such as glass bodies, although the particles can be in short-range order, there is no long-range order(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers). Line defect(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media): The most important thing is dislocation, which is the root cause of the mosaic structure of the crystal. Face defects: reflected in crystal planes, stacking faults, crystal grain and twin crystal interface, crystal domain interface, etc(black silicon carbide). In the current tank, the pole pitch cannot be further reduced.

 In the actual crystal, the mass point in its equilibrium position does not stop even at 0K(aluminum oxide blast media canada). In the crystal, the arrangement of one kind of particle nearest to the other kind of particle is always the same. In addition to considering the thermal balance, it should also be considered that the fluctuation of the molten aluminum under the action of the magnetic field may cause a short circuit when contacting the anode with a short pole pitch(best brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers).

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