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In general, the particle size composition in the coke melting method is 1-5mm, and the narrower the specific particle size distribution range, the better(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). However, try to select coke particles with good strength and uniform particle size, composition and resistance value. In order to reduce local overheating, the particle size composition, compactness and thickness of coke layer must be as consistent as possible. 

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In this way, the particle size "segregation" phenomenon can be avoided when laying the coke layer, that is(180 grit aluminum oxide), the coke particles under each anode block or different parts under the same anode block have different thicknesses, so the resistance values are different, resulting in uneven current distribution(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). In the selection of coke particle size, special attention should also be paid to try not to use powder less than imm.

The main operation steps are: confirm the shunting position corresponding to the shunting plate, and check whether the crimping surface of the shunting plate is flat(black silicon carbide). Install a thermocouple in the center of the electrolytic cell and the center of the two ends(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae); Use large electrolyte block to build electrolyte filling and aluminum filling port at the aluminum end of the middle seam, and build observation port at the flue end. 

When the coke particles are melted, the thickness of the coke layer is between 10-30mm, which depends on the requirements for the melting and heating rate of the electrolytic cell and the resistance value of the coke particles used(white aluminum oxide). On the contrary, if the heating speed of Chang burning is required to be slower and the resistance value of coke particles is larger, the thickness of coke layer should be smaller(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae).

Lay a coke particle under the anode, hang the corresponding anode, lay the coke particle down and hang the next group of anodes successively, and end a and B alternately(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). Hang anode(garnet sand). The anode group with good melting quality and assembly quality of carbon block is mainly selected for compensation burning to prevent abnormal conditions such as anode fragmentation and falling off during baking. 

Measure the equidistant voltage drop of column bus to detect the current distribution of column bus on the front and rear sides; Commissioning and inspection of bus system(70 grit aluminum oxide); Detect the insulation of bus support and judge whether there is deformation, displacement, etc(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). The coke particles used for coke particle melting can be calcined anthracite, gold treatment coke or calcined petroleum coke, or a mixture between them.

Special care shall be taken when hanging anode with crown block, and the operation shall be stable, accurate and light(black corundum). Close the anode guide rod to the bus, slowly place the anode vertically at the bottom of the furnace and sit on the paved coke layer, so that the anode contacts the coke layer completely by its own weight(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). Check the insulation of bus to ground, and the insulation resistance must not be less than 1m Ω. 

Prepare electrolyte blocks for building weir walls(steel grid). The electrolyte block for building weir wall requires low Al203 content and high molar ratio to ensure high melting point and large phase change heat to delay the coking of edge joints(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). The soft connection shall be hoisted between each anode guide rod and the bus, and the soft connection shall be in close contact with the guide rod and the bus respectively. 

The following tests and observations shall be carried out during the test(aluminium oxide sand): when the test current rises to the rated current for a period of time, the welding quality of each welding point of the bus shall be tested every 2h, and the voltage drop of 100mm spacing shall not exceed 3MV(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). Although the melting time needs to be appropriately prolonged to reduce the thickness of coke layer, it is beneficial to reduce and avoid local overheating.

Charge. Do not replace the electrolyte block with the crust block on the anode (usually the content of A1203 is greater than 50%)(corundum sand). Prepare cryolite, soda ash (or NaF) and sufficient CAF and other raw materials(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). Caf should be fully added at one time to ensure that the caf content reaches about 5% at the first sampling after startup, which is conducive to controlling the selective absorption of carbon materials to electrolytes.

The specific operation steps of charging are as follows(glass bead blasting media suppliers): cover the gap between anodes with cardboard with a thickness of more than 10mm at the top of the anode to prevent the gap from being blocked by thermal insulation, and the middle gap is tightly covered with calcium silicate board(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). The anode guide rod shall not support the hook and shall not contact with the large horizontal bus as far as possible. 

Install an appropriate amount of cryolite between the anode block and the weir wall and add enough soda ash to ensure that the molar ratio of the first sampling after startup reaches more than 2.80(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae); If it is dry start-up, fill the middle seam of the electrolytic cell with cryolite(aluminum oxide grit blasting); In case of wake-up start-up, add a small amount of cryolite in the slot of the electrolytic cell to prevent oxidation on the cathode surface. 

Cover the anode with cryolite for thermal insulation after power on(pink aluminum oxide). Steps: first polish with fine sandpaper and clean all crimping surfaces of guide rod, bus and soft connection with a small amount of toluene solution with a clean rag(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). If the heating speed of Chang burning is required to be faster and the resistance value of coke particles is smaller, the thickness of coke layer should be larger(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Thickness selection and laying of coke layer. 

In order to ensure that the anode carbon block can be located on the coke layer with all its own weight, and ensure that the contact between the anode carbon block and the coke layer is always good with the increase of temperature during preheating and melting(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit), soft connection is adopted between the anode guide rod and the anode bus(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). Generally, one anode is hung on each anode projection surface, and both sides a and B are carried out alternately. 

After all the soft connections are installed, recheck and tighten the fixture once. Install the diverter(aluminium oxide blast media). For electrolytic cells with production cells in the same series, coke particles shall be preheated and burned, and a diverter must be installed(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae). After the insulation board is installed, measure the insulation degree of the short intersection, and contact the power supply to restore power transmission after it is qualified.

When powered on, install the soft connection(green silicon carbide). If it is not flat, it can be leveled or replaced with a file, and then clean the crimping surface with toluene solution(best brown aluminum oxide suppliers uae); Install one end of the diverter on the anode transverse bus and the other end on the column bus of the downstream tank by means of bow fixture or splint fixation; Recheck and tighten it once after installation to ensure good contact of crimping surface. 

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