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Best Brown Fused Alumina Manufacturer Malaysia

More than 70% of China's bauxite resources are low- and medium-grade ore, and a few brown fused alumina are high-grade ore. Over the years, the aluminum industry, refractory materials, high-alumina cement, petroleum fracturing proppant, and brown corundum smelting have frequently used high-grade bauxite, fine grit aluminum oxide resulting in a shortage of high-grade ore, and a large amount of fine ore, flour ore, and low- and medium-grade ore have been idle.

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In the bauxite smelting and calcination industry for brown aluminum oxide smelting, shaft kiln is still commonly used for calcining bauxite lumps, resulting in high energy consumption and low yield of finished products. From the mining of bauxite ore to the calcination of cooked ore, a large amount of silicon carbide abrasive fine ore and surface ore cannot be used, and the waste is very serious. Practical significance, economic value and important application prospects.(best brown fused alumina manufacturer malaysia)

How to take appropriate measures to reduce the SiO2 content of bauxite based on the brown aluminium oxide characteristics of China's resources, and accordingly increase the bauxite porogen The utilization rate has promoted the improvement of the quality, grade and price of high bauxite clinker, reduced the requirement of brown bauxite production for the bauxite raw ore grade, and alleviated the tension of high bauxite resources to a certain extent. In step 3, a portion of 325 mesh to 0.074 mm accounts for 95% of the total black fused aluminaweight of the bauxite that has been crushed Al2O370 to 72%. 

(best brown fused alumina manufacturer malaysia)In order to solve the shortage of the existing homogeneous bauxite preparation method suitable for white alumina smelting in China, we provide the following technical solutions to solve the current technology shortage of high-grade ore supply, a large amount of fine ore, surface ore cannot be used, and green silicon carbide waste Serious shortcomings: Al2O365 ~ 69% and Al2O370 ~ 72% bauxite are crushed to ≤30mm, roasted in a rotary kiln to 1000 ℃ for 2 hours, and then crushed to ≤0.074mm after natural cooling;

The above-mentioned crushed Al2O 365 ~ 69% bauxite is classified and sieved, and a black corundum part of 240 mesh ~ 0.074mm is used as A material for use; the above-mentioned crushed Al2O370 ~ 72% bauxite is divided and divided into 325 mesh. The 0.074mm part is used as the B material; the A and B materials are fully mixed and stirred at a ratio of 1: 1, and then enter the white fused alumina suppliers milling mechanism to obtain ≤200 mesh homogeneous bauxite; the above homogeneous bauxite is shaped into.

(best brown fused alumina manufacturer malaysia)The tunnel kiln is roasted to 1150 ° C and naturally cooled for 3 hours, and then pink corundum crushed to a finished bauxite raw material for smelting of brown corundum 30mm ~ 1mm. In step 2, the part of 240 mesh ~ 0.074mm accounted for 85 ~ 90% of the total bauxite weight of broken Al2O365 ~ 60%. The bauxite of Al2O365 ~ 69% and Al2O370 ~ 72% means bauxite containing Al2O3 of 65 ~ 69% and Al2O370 ~ 72%, respectively, and the black silicon carbide weight content here.

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